August 26, 2008

Earmuffs, people.

I have a potty mouth. I don't know when it started, but I tend to swear a lot. Especially in the car. Oh yes, especially in the car. Maybe its being back in Boston with all the Massholes on the road. Who knows. Although I rarely swear while typing, which is pretty interesting. Anyways, its nothing I'm proud of, and am chewing on a bar of soap as I write this post.

Well mes amis, Tango Mag recently asked the question "Is swearing sexy?" and it totally caught my eye. So, is swearing sexy? They asked a bunch of men what they thought of a lady who swears.. and this is what they had to say:

[While the verdict didn’t come out to a clear “sexy” or “scummy” consensus, most men agreed that swearing, when done poorly, is extremely unattractive on a woman. And, really, the same goes for men. A well-placed curse here or there can add humor or emphasis to a sentence, but, like salt, too much of it begets the appearance of bloat and indulgence.] source: tangomag

I'd like to think that none of my swearing is EVER poorly done, but I might be a little bias.

Do any JQ Loungers like to drop an [expletive] now and then? Don't worry, your secrets safe with me.

I swear.

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WeezerMonkey said...

I wasn't a big curser until 2004, when I spent five months in NYC preparing for a trial and another month in New Haven for the actual trial.

I came back to L.A., and my co-workers were like, "Whoa. You edge now."

I've been a frequent F-bomb-dropper ever since.

The end.

emrlds said...

i have no filter. this gets me into, all of the time. haha.

brookem said...

yes. i dont really "watch my mouth" so to speak. i dont think im trashy about it though. every other word isn't an f-bomb. but if the situation calls for it, and it would drive the point home, then hell yes, i will rip it up like a sailor.

i sail!

The Dutchess of Kickball said...

I swear all the time, and it's usually the f-bomb. I kind of hate it because I can't seem to find a better descriptor than f-in' and it makes me sound like trash. I need a thesaurus.

nicoleantoinette said...

NYC ruined whatever lady-like-ness I ever had. Fuck.

Sarah said...

I swear a lot whenever I'm around the hub...which now that we're married, is all the time. Not really in the blog though. That's not lady like ;)

When I worked with kids, I stopped completely and it was shocking to hear the how much people curse. When you're not one of them, it really stands out. Of course, when I worked with kids I started saying "for reals" and "'member?" all the time. Ick!

transienttravels said...

I noticed that I swear a lot when I started noticing that less and less women I meet don't.

I have been working on toning it down, but then sometimes I hear men swearing at work and think - I bet that doesn't sound bad because they are guys, and then I go back to my old habits.

willikat said...

I swear. Kind of a lot. I try to control it and use it only in "appropriate" situations, but sometimes only a swear will do.
Like, a lot of times.

Andréa said...

Holy mother, sometimes I have to catch myself and tell me to shut up :) I am the worst. Especially when my mom and I get together. Freakin A. We're from NY so faghett abouttit. We juts go on and on. Tastefully though :) I really need to shut up though, otherwise the next thing I know Mr Man will be saying son of a bitch in the backseat :D

Maxie said...

I do, but it comes and goes. When I went to college my potty mouth was at it WORST. When I came back I cursed like a sailor

Katelin said...

my swearing varies. i used to be a big potty mouth when i was in college, then i came home and was living with kiddies again and that had to change. but now i'm back to the occasional swearing but not nearly as bad as it used to be, haha.

R said...

I heart cursing. I don't care if it's sexy or not. I'm married. I can have all the sex I want and don't have to attract anyone new. ;)