August 25, 2008

Hot dogs, Babies and Beer.. oh my!

[doesn't gus look photoshopped in this pic?!]

Saturday we headed over to the 'burbs to Neal & Jenny's housewarming party! It was super nice weather which rocked cos they have a swimming pool. Plus I realized how cool my new Canon PowerShot SX100 was when it came to action shots (more on that later). Jenny and Neal were the perfect hosts, with more food that you could ever imagine plus very festive decor. The keg was freezing cold, the Sangria was flowin' and the grill was flaming.
This was the packaging for the pool basketball hoop. If only it was used like it was supposed to be...partygoersits not a Boston Cookout until some guy brings the Summer Samlil miss Lexie makes an appearance..Its crazy now when you show up to parties and your friends are bringing their own kids. There were quite a few cutie pies who made an appearance at the cookout. Gus offered up some swimming lessons. I think Braden might just be the next Michael Phelps...henry and lauren borrowing a lil one for a mock Christmas Card photo op!I know people have children, but these types of sandals should NEVER be worn.. like.. ever. (except it is kinda cute that the dad and son were matching) omg everytime i see Jenny's friend, I always bombard her with questions-- asking if she ever mistaken for Gossip Girl (aka Blake Lively) xoxothere was a slight party foul between Aaron and the Boston Terrier with homefield advantage.. any consilation- his sister Sam was able to stitch up his nose so he should make iton a lighter note-- mad props to Rach for rockin' the LC braid!All and all a very fun time. I love Jenny & Neals new house and am so excited for future events (as long as I 'gus proof' their place for hard alcohol before) ;)

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WeezerMonkey said...

Crazy action shots!

I am LMFAO at your sandals comment. Agreed!

Maxie said...

I love the action shots! Very cool.

brookem said...

Sounds like a wicked fun weekend! Your camera is awesome... sweet action shots!

Oh my, I spy MANDALS!!! Eeeek. But, like you said, kinda cute that dad and son were matchy matchy.

I love the LC braid! She did a good job! I tried it this weekend and it was a total bust (no surprise!).

PS- Aaron? Is cute!

The Dutchess of Kickball said...

Oinks that is one nasty nose cut. But besides that it looks like everyone had a great time. And greats pics with the new camera.

Katelin said...

i love all the pool shots, those are awesome. and seriously i am hungry just lookin at the pics, haha. looks like a great time!

Sarah said...

You have friends with a house? with a pool? That is SO grownup. At least, in LA it is. No one in their 20's could afford that.

KT said...

that looks like such an awesome time.

Nanette said...

Ouch! That nose!

Looks like a great bash, though. :)

R said...

What a fun, grown up party! Looks like you had fun and I dig the action shots. Maybe it's time for a new point and shoot for me.