August 10, 2008

I look to Britney for guidance sometimes..

Place: Nail Salon

Why: Much needed mani and pedi

The following conversation seriously happened.

Guy Nail Technician: You know Britney Spears?

(me thinking to myself.. Where is this going..)

Me: Yeah

Guy Nail Technician: You look like her younger sister.


(me thinking to myself.. WTF.. alright, my hair is in a high ass ponytail and I basically have been dressing in scrubs on the weekend since i've moved.. the only thing I'm missing is a bag of Cheetos and a Baby on my arm)

Guy Nail Technician: Yes, Jamie Lynn.

Me: hmmmm. yeah I'll take it!

Guy Nail Technician: She's a bad girl. But you seem nice.

LOL, he totally deserved the $5 tip I gave him after that. Not saying I look anything like a Spears girl, but has anyone told you that you look like some RANDOM ass celebrity?!? Cos I bet this has happened to others, and frankly, its excites me way too much than the normal person...

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KT said...

lmao. well you are pretty cute. take it and go, girl.

Andrea said...

LOL!! I went to the nail salon just before having the baby and the lady asked me if I want breakfast. I was like...huh?? Then she pointed to her chest and I was like... um... breastfeeding. Uh Yeah (innapropriate!!) I will be breastfeeding.

Jackie said...

My parents have a news paper cut out of Hillary Swank wearing sunglasses and cargo pants on their refrigerator because they are convinced it looks exactly like me. Luckily it is way after her "Boys Don't Cry" look and before her "Million Dollar Baby" other words, when she looked like a normal female.

WeezerMonkey said...

People have told me I look like Danica McKellar.

Who is that?

Winnie Cooper from The Wonder Years.

Liene at Blue Orchid Designs said...

hilarious! I get martina mcbride all the time. and people will seriously get ticked off and cuss me out when they ask for an autograph and I tell them I'm not her.

Nanette said...

I used to get Janeane Garafelo, but haven't lately.

And WeeMo is TOTALLY the Asian Winnie Cooper! :)

brookem said...

haha, i can kind of see it!

someone at work swears that i look like a dead ringer of carrie underwood. i dont see it, but i'll take it and run with it!

The Dutchess of Kickball said...

People are always telling me I look like Lisa Kudrow but then they make some comment that makes me think that they think I ACT like Phoebe. I was impressed until they said I was ditz then not so much happy.

Ali said...

hmm I can actually kinda see that Julie! though CZJ is still number one. I recently got Keira Knightly. CLEARLY they meant Angelina jolie. Clearly :)

Sarah said...

Working at Starbucks, I got this a lot. Julia Stiles is number one. Ocassionally the girl from Traffic and once Mandy Moore, which is just weird.

Mostly it was are you [insert random girl's name]'s sister? I don't have a sister.

emrlds said...

sandra bullock - like old school sandra.
sure, whatever they say. =) haha. i'll take that tattooed husband too, thanks.

Playful Professional said...

I could see it... and that's not a bad celebrity to be compared to. She's pretty cute :)

R said...

Jordin Sparks. I got a bunch of phone calls during that season of AI telling me to watch because she reminded them of me. Even my Dad called. Weird. I just want her paycheck. ;)