August 18, 2008

Serafinot gonna happen until I hit the lottery

So me and Emrlds have been emailing back and forth about everything Pottery Barn for the past two weeks.. yeah, we're THAT interesting! It all started with the Fall Catalog that displayed the coolest chair ever.

The Brooks Slipcovered Chair in Serafina

And it could totally be yours for the fabulous price of $879 (plus $65 if you want it actually shipped to your house)

The great news is, there are a couple of cheap[er] alternatives if you want to bring some serafinalisciousness into your living quarters?

How about some drapage? $89-$129. Totally doable- now all I need to do is find a 1 small window'd room in my house.

Deck your room out in the Serafina bedding. $29-$159 ... pillow sham anyone?

Showers will get that must steamier in your prepped out Serafina Shower Curtain. Its $69 which is about $50 more than what I would think a shower curtain would cost. Plus I'm not sure a boy would appreciate this design first thing in the morning.

Ohhh dearest pottery barn. Where is your outlet located?!?

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WeezerMonkey said...

I think I'm a boy. ;)

emrlds said...

i got the summer clearance email yesterday on the bberry and RAN to my computer to see if it was on sale.
dammit PB, why do you not love me enough for a sale??? =(
(and yea, we are THAT cool. haha)

Sara Jane said...

I'm equally obsessed with this chair too. About once a week I shop on PB online and fill my cart with all the things I'd like to have...last week it was close to $3000 with my chair, ottoman and a rug. When you win the lotto, will you share the love?

Maxie said...

I love that pattern but yes, it's SO pricey. We need to find a knock-off

SeeLeigh said...

oooh good find what a fantastic pattern! i think i sort of need the shower curtain!

R said...

So much to think about when you have a house!