September 10, 2008

Another reason why blogs ROCK!

So there I am, just applied my Benefit Bad Gal Mascara, getting ready for work with the Today Show on in the backround (as it is everymorning at 7am for the past 4 years) and on pops up this segment that totally effed up my lashes. They told the story of a 'mommy blogger' who got very hurt in an airplane crash with her husband, and how the fans of her blog have rallied around her to help donate to her getting better. The lady is Stephanie Nielson and her blog is "the NieNie Dialogues". She is a mother of 4 who writes about the joys of raising her kids. Definitely check out the blog and leave a comment to show support. And keep her and her family in your thoughts.

*if you couldn't guess why my lashes got messed up, it was because I ended up balling during the segment* but quiet enough so the hubs doesn't come in and say "Julie, are you crying during the today show again?!"

It just goes to show how sweet and thoughtful bloggers and readers are. I heart y'all!

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Katelin said...

i saw this segment online and heard about it too and seriously it makes me so happy and proud to be a blogger :)

transienttravels said...

I didn't see that, but I am so glad you posted about it.

emrlds said...

yeah, i was crying. damn today show. seriously, makes me SO emotional!

R said...

So sweet. I'm glad I didn't see that show...I don't like to cry.