September 4, 2008

ANTM Improving my Facebook skills

I've now taken a point to start trying to remember ANTM quotes from the photoshoots and judging panel so I can start applying them to real life... and by that i mean mostly commenting on facebook pictures.

Season 11 started up and here are some gems i've come across thus far:

She looks like a star! Not just a top model...

Let me tell you.. that girl knows how to move her way around a set.

She harnessed her power. She was strong. She gives us COUTURE!

There was variety there. But I want the same variety that she was giving me in her body.. in her face.

I love how you're using your neck.

Her pout lip is natural. Women are paying for those lips.

She has energy.

You're giving me the same. face. in every picture.

The lines in your body.. are brilliant.

Bring the smile in your eyes a little bit.

I love her look. but I would only cast her in European type shows.

Do I think she can be a high fashion models and turn heads? Sure!

Looks like a barbie doll.

LOVE the concave back!

She tried things that were awkward and different, that you could actually SEE in an editorial shoot.

Model the opposite of what you have on. It takes the obvious away.

You need to (yeah they really said that)

She needs some ugly pretty.. cos right now she's just pretty pretty.

And the kicker........

I've never said this.. its almost.. Tyra Banks hot!

finally. this looks like its going to be a great season. and for spoilers, click here!

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Susie said...

Oh man, you must be psyched!! This list is going to grow sooo much in the next couple months!

nicoleantoinette said...

Haha oh God.

WeezerMonkey said...

Eff. I chose Manny Ramirez live instead of ANTM tonight.

Sara Jane said...

I had to DVR it because of other plans! But I can't wait to watch!

The Dutchess of Kickball said...

Yeah, I loved how they were complimenting that girl on the "awkward and different" pose as if she did that on purpose and is an amazing model when in fact she really is just awkward and different.

My official bet is on Mckey (whom I want to pronounce mmmmmmmmmmmkay)but only if she learns how to pose instead of box.

Golightly said...

The ugly pretty statement had me laughing out loud. The premiere was good but I could have done without the whole technology bit at the beginning - that was just too odd/not funny or entertaining. Looks to be a great cycle!!

brookem said...

god, tyrabot (ugh) really annoyed me last night. you KNOW she'll be featured on the soup this week.

Nanette said...

I'm w/ Golightly about the technology opening thing. I enjoyed the episode, but that was too much.

Katelin said...

this season definitely looks like it will be awesome. i'm so excited. i so wish we could watch the show together, i feel like you have some great show commentary :)

Larissa said...

Wow. How does one obtain "ugly pretty"?

R said...

Tyra is killing me more with every new season. That techno stuff was dumb. On all of them.

I love me some Nigel and Jay.