September 25, 2008

Cos the Meat Falls on Top of Your Eyes

Oh Tyra, you surprise me each and every week. While this episode was kinda boring, of course there is still some ridiculous commentary.....

  • I want a runway walk... not a shopping walk
  • Blindfolded?!? I just learned how to WALK yesterday!
  • This evening you were fantasticals!
  • her body language, her eyes! Actually what I think ___ was doing, was straight up flirting with Nigel!
  • your right eye gets really droopy, and becomes a cyclops.
  • look at you, all nimble and moving around.
  • if you would have squinted with those eyes and smiled with them, you would have had the best shot.
  • high fashion is about making people have a reaction
  • i love the little devilish thing going on in your eyes
  • you have a very hooded eye. when you tilt your head down, you lose so much of your eye because the meat falls on top of your eyes.
  • you kept on pulling your dress up.. and i know you were blindfolded, i'm just not sure if you saw a pole at the end of the runway, but you know..
  • she's a southern girl, and she has that sassafras
  • her walk is a mix of a truck driver and a stripper

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The Dutchess of Kickball said...

OMG seriously, after you are told not to show your cooch on the runway why would you do so?

Andréa said...

You seriously crack me up with all those quotes. How do you even rmemeber them? I am SO glad Hannah is gone too. Lately people from AK are not my favorite.

Laurie said...

Yeah - Clark was flirting! I would too - Nigel is h-o-t:)

I cringed when Samantha lifted up her dress. Hooch!

WeezerMonkey said...

Hannah Alaska is no more!

Katelin said...

clark was all over nigel....but i probably would have too, let's be honest here, haha.

R said...

I think the commentary from this past week was hilarious. Boy was that designer PISSED off! Love it. Read her hoochie non-listening ass! Um...more Nigel in water please. Thanks.