September 11, 2008

DON'T forget your face

Sorry to all [1] of you people out there who do not watch America's Next Top Model. Thursdays are now my place for favorite quotes from Wednesdays shows. BUT do not fear, for all you TiVo lovers out there, I won't put any names to the quotes, so you will not hear who got eliminated from this gossiper.

*sorry the only thing i'm going to spoil is how annoyed I am with the dork Hannah from Alaska. OMG. Shut. Up. We get it that you're from a small town. You say that every other sentence. Stop. Just. Stop.

Best of this weeks ep...

She just hung there and said... what.. shoot me!

Don't overthink it! and DON'T forget your face.

She's so beautiful to look at, but I dont think she understands how to harness that power!

I don't see real commitment in this photo.

It could be a Dior Campaign.. it could be a LV campaign..

You have to think more model.. not just normal girl!

Its kinda like.. Angelina Jolie.. as a model.

You have a style of modeling.. And its a style that I. like.

Its no wonder she's so skinny. It's because she exercises her mouth too much!

I just wanna scrub her down from the bronzer.

She has not proven to me yet that she can do high fashion..

WHEN IS THE MAKEOVER EP? Please be next week!!!
update: it IS next week! na na na na na na NA NA NA NA NA NA

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Sara Jane said...

I'm so glad the robot theme didn't go into the entire season! I was a bit worried.

"I just wanted to let you know that I lied. My boobs are fake."


I can't wait for next weeks makeovers!

eperry said...

found your blog through transient travels, so a big thank you to susan over there :)

i LOVE ANTM but have been sooo bad at watching this season. i watched last night and your post def. just inspired me to stay tuned! so thanks!

Susie said...

Haha I love that I don't even have to watch because I can just read your blog! You're so funny :)

Katelin said...

seriously i love this show. there were some great quotes this week, next week will be even better with the makeovers, i can't wait! wahoo!

Playful Professional said...

There are definitely a couple of girls I love this season but some of them are so annoying, I can't wait for them to be gone!

WeezerMonkey said...

Me hates Hannah Alaska.

R said...

I hope Hannah has to do a naked shoot and gets spoiled by a foreign male model who knocks the small town right out of her. Her willingness to be ignorant is annoying.