September 8, 2008

Es-cape to the cape!

This weekend we headed off to Cape Cod to celebrate a friend's wedding! Hurricane Hannah tried to cause a rockus via earlier in the week but the rain held off and it ended up being such a pretty night!

It was at the Wychmere Harbor Club in Harwichport, MA.. ...and it was the perfect occasion to bust out the new dress I bought at White House Black Market last week.

Above: Me and the Pretty Bride, a candid from the ceremony, The Nantucket Room reception area right along the water (what seems like for miles and miles), giving you a gorgeous view.. and you were basically 10 feet away from a sailboat while you were sitting at your table.

The Cape is a very neat place. Gotta love that preppy old school nautical vibe with all the wood shingles, friendly welcoming signs for every single retail place, bright flowers and somehow perfectly manicured lawns. Plus its always fun to drive by the Kennedy Compoud in Hyannis Port with the chance you think you'll spot one walking around. Above: The Wedding Photographer took a shot of all the wedding party/guests. I thought that was such a cool idea!

Below: Me realizing my dream of being a Weather Reporter was crushed when I saw how my hair looks in the wind. Maybe because there was so much hair spray and it was kinda stiff. Oh well..

While I glammed it up with some pearls, I made sure to pick up some bright-ass colored shoes to mix in a little rock and roll. Plus I accesorized it with some cute arm candy.

I heart weddings!

Update: Yes!! the straight ironed curls were in effect, and the fact that my hair stayed curly in the humidity- proves that it is the best invention since Tivo....... plus since washing my hair a couple times since, I've noticed a pretty subtle wave has stayed (youtube research mentions that the waves can last up to 4 days)

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WeezerMonkey said...

The question is...did you curl your hair with a flat iron?

Larissa said...

I heart weddings too!

I love the outfit, by the way. The dress paired with those shoes is truly inspired.

Jamie Lovely said...

Aw it looks like it was a great wedding!

Hair looks fab too Julie!

brookem said...

sounds like fun! your HOH looked great, and i love the bright shoe choice!

Andréa said...

So cute. I love weddings too! Love the shoes too! Great additions!

Katelin said...

first. i love weddings two.

second. i love your dress, it is so cute and the pic of you and gus, adorable.

third. the location looks beautiful, glad it didn't rain!

nicoleantoinette said...

I can't really deal with how cute you are. Also? as today's blog post indicates- I'm OBSESSED WITH WEDDINGS. And I haven't been to one since I was seven!

emrlds said...

you guys are super cute! and the hair is pretty fabulous.
sorry about your weather girl dreams though...

R said...

I love weddings too! Wheeeee!