September 12, 2008

I Feel Like Boston just Won the 2009 Olympics! aka "Currently"

  • SO EXCITED! That 20SB's Ultimate Blogger Meetup chose Boston as its Venue. I can host at least 10 of my favorite bloggers at my house that weekend. Only if you promise that we can do mani/pedis while watching marathons of The Soup! Um... SoCal bloggers, you better be coming too (y'all know who you are)....... Nanette, I'll even offer to babysit ;)
  • Blasting Rihanna's "Disturbia". On. Repeat. Sorry to the cars around me.
  • feeling like a failure with Roccos Modern Home. Thanks Caroline for reminding me! I know I haven't updated it in a gizillion years, its just that Gus has done most of the projects and I have to glue him to a chair to write a post! But he'd rather play basketball and do fantasy football in his free time ;) I promise we will write our first real post this weekend!!!
  • Wondering what a good nights sleep would be like if I didn't have two rottweiler bassetthounds who jumped in my bed when i'm in a deep sleep, only to steal my covers and basically push me off the bed.
  • looking forward to a plan free weekend. ha i say that on friday like its going to stay like that.
  • glad i'm not on CBS' Big Brother.. cos the way things have turned out, apparently I would've been surprisingly evicted by a couple of people that I otherwise wouldn't have seen coming!
hey. no troubles no bubbles.

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WeezerMonkey said...

Problem: I am 31.
Wah wah.

Katelin said...

man i would love to come to boston, i mean really, it is pretty awesome.

nicoleantoinette said...

As soon as I find out WHEN the meet up is and IF I can come, I'll send you an email saying:



transienttravels said...

So excited!

brandy said...

I'm so pumped about this as well. I was crossing all my fingers and toes for Boston. I'm so pumped!

amandabtv said...

I can't believe we actually "won"! I'm super pumped!

freeandflawed said...

Let your 30SB friends know that they're more than welcome to join us! There are a lot of them who read are blogs and we'd hate to exclude them.

emrlds said...

this is so exciting! and also, happy weekend =)

R said...

How sad...too old to play with other bloggers. :( You'll have to share pics with us SoCalers.