September 29, 2008

My Super Sweet Housewarming Party!

This Saturday we had some friends and family over for our Housewarming Party! Plus, our 2 yr wedding anniversary was a couple days away so it was a great excuse to gather the crew together. And much like our wedding day, the forecast was for torrential downpour! *NOTE: The rain amazingly stopped hours before our ceremony on 9/29/06 letting us have our ceremony outside! Unfortunately it was not the same situation this weekend, but we borrowed a canopy to put on our back deck so people could still chill outside.

Housewarming/Anniversary Parties rock, cos its the only time you'll ever get lots of kickass presents after your wedding (until a baby shower- which is totally out of sight and out of mind for now!)

So this was the first time I hosted a party at my place for people other than my fun drunk friends. What a process getting ready for a party is. Food, booze, decor and cleaning?! Hi Julie, its me, stress! Maybe that's why my hair stylist found two white hairs on my head. STRESS! But it was totally worth all the work, and help from my mom and MIL of course.Who basically took over the whole "food" thing when I dove into the champagne punch and forgot about putting dinner out.

There was a turkey, vegetable lasagna, macaroni and cheese, cookies, Cheesecake Factory Desert, Jenny's famous "Healthy" peanut butter pie squares, Chili, Trifle, Ribs, Bread, Cheese plates, veggie plates, plus every dip imaginable.. There was Dance Parties, Guys watching College Football, about 4,000 pix taken of ANTM Poses gone terribly terribly wrong= pretty much what we usually do on the weekend. lol

Note to self, next time you host a party, make sure you eat something before hitting up the Champagne Punch and 'Julie Right Outside of the City' Cosmos! A good time was had by all, and there were no party fouls (but I wouldn't have noticed anyways!)

Hubs, I must say, I do appreciate you playing "Isn't She Lovely" while you tried waking my very badly hungover self up this morning. And keeping it playing while I ran to hug the toilet.

All this party was missing was the presenting of the new Lexus SUV sitting in my driveway. HA, i wish.

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WeezerMonkey said...


The Dutchess of Kickball said...

I have to know, what is with the crazy chart/ diagram thingy.

Julie Q said...

LOL i made a collage of all of the places we've lived since we've dated. It actually turns out to be about 7 or 8 locations, and i just wrote fun random facts about each place including a google map image as well.

brookem said...

sounds like so much fun! im sorry i missed it! looks like a blast.

Sarah said...

Looks like a fun time and your house looks so cute!

transienttravels said...

Your house looks great, glad the party was a good time!

Nanette said...

Fun times, fun times!

R said...

I disagree...your party was also missing your SoCal blog buddies. ;) Happy housewarming!! :)