September 12, 2008

Stilettos for Kiddos?

Ok, when I first saw on the news that 2 DC moms came up with High Heels for babies called Heelarious, my first thought was.."Are you kidding me?" But then I actually looked into it and they are the cutest frickin' things ever! Plus they were featured on the Today show, so that obviously earns my endorsement..

“Little girls can get a jump start on their strut and be top-models-in-training before they leave the crib” -Bobbi Thomas, Today Show

These "heels" are made for little girls up to 6 months old, and then are squishy, so they will collapse if a baby tries to walk with them. But its totally designed just for show (which is why its for 0-6mos when the babies are only crawling at that point), so baby girls will not learn the horror and pain they will have to endure with real heels for another... 5 years or so?

I would totally pick the hot pink "Sophie"

Would you dress your lil princess in these heels? And WHERE are collapsable heels for grown ups?

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Sara Jane said...

I am in love with these! I need to order pairs for all of my friends having girls!

Lynn said...

Aw I want a baby so I can dress her up in squishy heels. Ok maybe not.

WeezerMonkey said...

No no no.
No no no no no.

Andréa said...

I don't know, considering I have a boy, but I think they are damn cute. Especially if they don't have to walk in them!

nicoleantoinette said...

I can't believe I'm saying this but... I LOVE THESE.

God, part of me just died.

Because, you know, they're heels for BABIES.

But... yeah.

brookem said...

they are wicked cute!!

i want some.

Larissa said...

I realize I'm the sole hater here, but those are hideous!!!

Nanette said...

Um, no. My little girl will not be wearing those. They look like they should come with fishnets.

R said...

I'd be in no rush to hooch my daughter out so early in life. *sigh* Whatever happened to just being a kid?