September 18, 2008

Yourself doesn't mean.. yourself. it means, your model-self

Makeover Episode, the highlight of the season!!!!!! Throw in some C-list Disney Acting (that I secretly LOVE) and off the girls go to the Salon. All I can say is- Joel McHale and The Soup is going to have a FIELD DAY with Tyra's antics this week. But enough with the spoilers, its time for the quotes!!

  • Omg, I'm going to be online. I can google myself!
  • She came across a little skitzy at times. I told her to control the eyes.. ya know, get rid of the psycho eyes.
  • it makes you like.. kind of like.. tropical
  • oh girl- you were smilin' with your eyes, a lot!
  • It was a little ghetto. A little hoodrat.
  • I love her shoulder, her elbow, her wrist, her fingers
  • it looks like you're not present. you're going so natural, it looks like your not there.
  • makes you racially ambiguous. every girl can look at your picture and see yourself
  • you were so sleepy. not a variety of poses.
  • i love that slight frown that you have! it makes me feel like you're thinking something.
and the rest of the episode was Tyra just talking about herself.

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WeezerMonkey said...

I sure didn't see myself in Elina. Racially ambiguous, my ass.

carrie lea said...

"I can google myself"

Because you aren't already "online" for being on a popular TV show. That girl is bananas.

I honestly don't know if Tyra is genius, or insane.

Lynn said...

Am laughing quietly to myself in my cubicle reading this entry. hehe.

eperry said...

so pissed i missed it! was stuck at a work thing in the city. i did manage to catch project runway though which is my obsession! do you watch it?

Nanette said...

I had to turn to Brent, an unwillingly ANTM watcher, and apologize for subjecting him to the Disney thing. He was like, "What the hell is this?!?!?!" HAHAHAHA!

Katelin said...

i love your antm quote recaps, they are fab. and seriously the disney stuff had me laughing out loud. but i'm pretty sure ty ty is a wee bit crazy.

WeezerMonkey said...

I prefer Diet Coke, but the Diet Pepsi was free, so I took it.

Now we can be Diet Coke friends 4-eva.

Lacey Bean said...

Umm, The Soup is going to have so much fun with Tyra dribbling/drooling "poison" apple out of her mouth. Can't wait.

Julie Q said...

eperry- I sometimes watch PR, but with most Bravo shows, I never know what day/time its on, so usually i just watch it a marathon at a time. Except I haven't enjoyed it as much since the days of Santino- his Tim Gunn impression still cracks me up til this day!!

R said...

I can't wait for my TV husband, Joel, to light Tyra up this week.

brandy said...

The last one was my favorite. If a slight frown makes it look like I'm thinking something, than I must look like a really deep thinker all Monday morning.