October 29, 2008

Actually.. me and the Olsen Twins sound a lot alike!

I heart Radaronline so much. They graced me with this gem of a story and made me giggle.

Below is the Guidelines of meeting the Olsen Twins at a recent Barnes & Nobles Book Signing for their new book Influence, an exclusive Radar got this week.A few favorites:

  • Mary Kate and Ashley will not be speaking.
  • You will only get an autograph if you show B&N a receipt that you bought their book and then you will be handed a bracelet. (non couture)
  • there is NO PHOTOGRAPHY or PHONES allowed. Even if you need to call 911 because someone is choking, you must use a phone that does not have digital photography options on it, because that would risk them being on your facebook page.
  • MK & A will not be signing any memorabilia, so I dont care if you have that Pink Bunny Wallpaper framed from Uncle Jesses Room, cos if it ain't got anything to do with their new book, Influence, you might as well burn it.
  • The only thing missing was "Please, No Eye Contact"

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WeezerMonkey said...

Somebody should bring a police sketch artist to capture their likenesses in lieu of a camera.

The Dutchess of Kickball said...

What about, do not feed the animals.

Sarah said...

Pink Bunny Wallpaper!!!!!!

LMAO. Thank you for that.

Katelin said...

haha wow. i wonder what would happen if you tried talking to them, haha.

R said...

Wow. MK & A are waaaay too cool for common folk. ;)

Lynn said...

They would be nothing without full house, but they won't sign the wallpaper?!?!