October 16, 2008

ANTM: Fail! Biggest Loser: Pass!

It was bound to happen. No new judging panel last night. No new Tyra talking about herself. A big. fat. recap/never before seen cos it was stupid and pointless episode. The blogosphere has been robbed!

Instead, I signed up for The Biggest Loser: JQ Style (inspired by actually watching the Biggest Loser Tuesday night cos i like to give all tv a chance), and asked if my hubs would work out with me at the gym.

Usually when I go to the gym, I sign up to tan in 20 min and then run for 15 minutes before i go relax and tan. Tonite, Gus said we only need 45 minutes to work out, and then I could tan. I wouldn't realize or understand the smirk he gave me until about 50 minutes after he said that.

Let's just say, 45 minutes later, I crawl into the tanning booth, and stood there for about 1 minute, before I got light-headed and realize, I'm either going to pass out- or blarf in the tanning booth. That would be considered a party foul in the gym. So instead I put my gym clothes back on, and run towards the fresh air outside trying not to look at the gym lady worker who is wondering why this whackjob just went into the tanning booth for only 1 minute when she asked for 10.
"No tanning tonite, Miss Julie?" says a amused Gus on the car ride home.
"Can't.... talk.......hurt" mumbles moi
"Well that was a good warmup to get back into the gym routine" he chuckles..
"Same time tomorrow?"

"I guess. As long as I don't have to go on TV in my sports bra and weigh in"

I'm blaming my pastyness on Tyra now! I miss the sun... and natural tans.. and the good old days when you were a kid, ate 7 layer cheese dip, and were naturally skinny.

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brookem said...

maybe we go to the same gym? planet fitness? i know that one has tanning too.

good luck with the new workout routine!

Sarah said...

Tanning!?! Unnaceptable, Miss Julie Q.

eperry said...

i, too, was thoroughly disappointed that ANTM was a recap night.

and i solve the whole "i feel bad about going to the gym to tan but not to workout" by indulging in my bad habit at a standalone tanning salon :) but, you have inspired me to get my fat ass to the gym. i'll get on that pronto!

Katelin said...

i hate the recap episodes, so so lame.

and a tanning bed at your gym? i've never heard of such a thing. crazy.

R said...

Tanning at the gym? My gym doesn't have that.

I'm glad you told me it is a recap show. Maybe I'll just delete it on TiVo and save myself the pain.

Andréa said...

Oh I LOVE that last comment! 7 layer dip and naturally tan... oh yeah AND being skinny. Check that BOX!

emrlds said...

recaps are a waste of life. unless the season is over, then bring it on!
i went tanning for the wedding last week. i miss it already. (i know, awful.)

We Are Not Martha said...

I used to love that my gym in NH had tanning. And cost $15/month, including tanning. Now I pay $90/month and no tanning. However, the Patriots cheerleaders will be at my gym on Saturday afternoon. Beat that! Just kidding...I'll probably stay far away on that day.

Susie said...

Ooops I meant to comment from my other e-mail. You know who I am though :)