October 12, 2008

Awards after too much Cheap Champagne..

Recently I got a couple of blogger awards bestowed upon me and I wanted to spread the wealth!!

SouthernYankee granted me the Kreativ Blogger Award. With it you list 6 things that make you happy, and pass it along to others.

- friends who put up with me during those nights of too much cheap champagne!

- my dear Gus, who puts up with me during those nights of too much cheap champagne!

- my dogs, who totally can't tell when I've had too much cheap champagne! (can you sense the theme of how my weekend went??)

- DVR, who loves me and still records my tv shows even though I've had too much cheap champagne and probably doesn't deserve to get to watch the newest and latest shows.

- Going to the movies by myself, after said night of too much cheap champagne. I saw 'Rachel Getting Married' and it made me feel a lot better (a full review will be coming soon). And Ms. Hathaway- your oscar buzz just got a lot bigger from this girl right now.

I'd like to pass this along to: hopefully their happy things aren't based on getting over a long night of cheap champagne :(

Starting Over in Boston

Better than Botox


Perks of Being a JAP


Just Moi

Then I saw that Katelin from Gorgeous Footsteps in the Sand passed along the I Heart Your Blog award to the JQ Lounge. And BTW Katelin, I Heart YOUR blog too!!! Thanks girl.

I've adored these blogs for a long time, and they always are funny, interesting, and gggreat! Check them out if you haven't yet.

Say it Don't Spray it-- Nanette just had her first baby! Congrats again! I remember I wanted to pat myself on the shoulder when she added my blog to her linky love list. She makes me want to be a better blogger. HA how's some sappy Jack Nicholson quoting for ya?

More Fun Than a Barrel-- I have a huge friend crush on WeeMo, and even got to hang out with her earlier this year when she came to visit Boston for her wicked smart college reunion. We may not always have the same opinions on everything- but she's one of the few I respect when she doesn't agree with me ;) Don't read her blog on an empty stomach though.. just a warning.

Legally Heidi-- she was one of the first bloggers I became "blogger" friends with. Plus she's going through planning her wedding, making it for some excellent reading. Plus, she made me learn that not all Heidi's are evil and date guys named Spencer! ;)

Free and Flawed-- I've never seen a blog make such a fierce transition in such a short amount of time! I love love love her new layout, and all of the stuff she talks about on her blog.

Oh! How Lovely! -- Another great blog that's gone to the next level and beyond. Maybe its the BlogHer weekend... but keep doing what you're doing, girl! Cos your blog is awesome. And your new shopping addition makes me want to cancel my credit card. right. now.

Ofcourse there are TOO many other great blogs to mention, and I try to mention as many of them as I can on my blogroll. But watch out! Cos if you haven't updated in 3 months, sometimes you're in.. and sometimes you're out [of my blogroll] gasp!! But there will always be a place there for you when you come back. I'd want people to do the same for me!!

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nicoleantoinette said...

I love too much Champagne.

Lacey Bean said...

Yay thanks! Fingers crossed you don't get a champagne headache! Those are the worst!

KT said...

woohoo! i'm like so super famous now. thanks babe!

Miss Gallery Place said...

d'awww thanks for the award gal!!! :) :)

Jamie Lovely said...

Aw Julie, thanks! You were one of my first blogs I read :)

WeezerMonkey said...

I heart YOU! And Mr. Monkey does, too! You should feel special because not many bloggers can boast of such things. ;)

Jenn said...

Congrats on the well deserved awards! Thank you for sharing one of them with me :)

Lynn said...

Yess I never get awards (I'm such a blog newbie)...thanks :) my awards could be based on drinking lots of cheap port though.

Andréa said...

YAY on blog awards :) You deserve it!

Sarah said...

So many disclaimers for WeeMo...? Hahaha :)

Good picks!

R said...

Two awards?! You're a super starrrah!

emrlds said...

ahh! you're so cute, thanks! i may or may not still be drunk from wedding weekend, so i feel your cheap champagne time. ouch.

Susie said...

Blogging is the best. Blogging with champagne is even better :)

eperry said...

aww thanks for the shout out :)