October 6, 2008

A Blogger forgetting her camera to a fabulous event is like..

  • showing up to a water park and forgetting your bathing suit
  • shopping in Trader Joes for about an hour and realizing you left your wallet at home when they've rung up all your goodies.
  • forgetting to Tivo the season premiere of The Office..... or any episode of GH
  • leaving your parking pass at home and paying the regular amount for garage parking in boston
  • bringing every single piece of makeup except for your concealer... when that's probably the only piece of makeup you actually need. obviously.
SO. within a few days all of my awesome friends will have uploaded the millions of pics I encouraged them to take- but for now i leave you with... it was a really nice weekend, and a beautiful wedding.

PS. Apparently I do an amazing rendition of Sarah Palin when I'm drunk off of a Cocktail Hour Martini Bar (coming from an Ice Luge with the newly married couple's initials etched in it) Its my new exciting talent ;) Can I call ya Joe SixPak?!?

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WeezerMonkey said...

I know the feeling!

Sara Jane said...

I love taking pics too...some days when I forget my camera, I have to admit, it's kind of fun to just live and not worry about snapping the moment. I hope some of your other friends got some good shots they can share!

R said...

Forgot?! Sadness. I will have to give you a fail until these other pics are revealed.

transienttravels said...

The worst! Can't wait to see the pics.

emrlds said...

haha, this is how i felt ON MY BIRTHDAY! so funny though. i'm looking forward to some palin when we grab drinks. let's email and plan a date this week? =)