October 21, 2008


  • counting on two hands all of the compliments I got on these shoes I rocked today. $23 at Target!
  • in denial because I LOVE the Jonas brothers "Love Bug".. and then I saw the video and loved it even more. WWWHHHHYYYY????
  • heartbroken and happy at the same time with last night's How I Met Your Mother. What'd you think?!
  • wondering WHY we get all of the campaign commercials for New Hampshire. Seriously, if I see one more hate bashing commercial between John Shananay and Jean The Mean Shaheen, I might have to do all in my powers to avoid that state- even though I need to drive through it to get to Vermont. You think McCain's bad. These two deserve each other.
  • trying to figure out who from R-dale google's "Julie Q Lounge" every day to get to my blog. I tried to make the domain name easy to remember.... or better yet- just make it your computer's homepage. De-lurk yourself! pretty please?
  • laughing at how many people have gotten to the blog today by typing in "Jelly Jim", the best character EVER on the hills.

What wacky things have you popped up in your site meter lately??

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Elizabeth said...

Nice! Those are adorable shoes--I got some great flats that everyone seems to love too, from Target, for that price.

I've gotten a bunch of hits for Mary Louise-Parker from Weeds since I did an interview with my brother and he said she was lust-worthy. Weird!

WeezerMonkey said...

Love the shoes. Don't love The Jonas Brothers. ;)

My sitemeter informs me of random people across the country who link to me on their blogs, yet never ever comment.



The Dutchess of Kickball said...

I caught HIMYM for the first time all season last night, and while I was moderatly confused, I'm stoked that it looks like he might get back together with Robin!

Sara Jane said...

I love the shoes...and the Jonas. I try not to, but I can't help it!

Sara Jane said...

PS- Award for you over at my digs today!


Katelin said...

i was equally torn about himym last night. but man i love that show.

and those shoes are adorable.

R said...

I have been looking for a cool pair of gray shoes. You may have made my search complete! :)

I didn't see the show and forgot to TiVo it. I suck as a fan.

Hillary said...

Last night's How I Met Your Mother? Best episode of the season, hands down.

transienttravels said...

I have How I Met Your Mother DVR'd and I can't wait to watch it.

brookem said...

great shoessss! and i seriously need to start watching how i met your mother!

Nanette said...

I totally love that Jonas Bros. song, too!

Jessica said...

I'm a little behind.. sorry!
What is this site meter you speak of??