October 19, 2008

The Hills According to Awesomeness

Oh. Man. I'm finally going to start watching The Hills again, but only its "The Hills According to Me", the new satire on MTV calling The Hills out on every. single. thing. that happens on the show.

A few favorites:

  • Jelly Jim, the fishtank worker, has been brought on as a new character.
  • Everytime it shows Justin Bobby- they just do a voiceover of quiet mumbling, which never gets old.
  • The first scene with Lo cuts to a mannequin everytime she speaks.
  • When Heidi & Spencer talk about going to Colorado- it shows a guy with a bleach blond wig saying "I don't know Spencer... we're not even being paid to go to that event"
Check it out!!!! I giggled the whole way through.

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emrlds said...

haaaa this is amazing. goes very well with a hangover. =)

Sarah said...

Brad and I saw a minute of this last night. Pretty funny that MTV is making fun of itself.

However, we turned it off because I refused to watch even a parody of that horrible show.

Katelin said...

ohmygosh this looks awesome, awesome i say.

R said...

I saw a commercial clip of this briefly and giggled. I can't imagine how funny the show must be.

Lily said...

This is amazing:) Keep it up!

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