October 2, 2008

I didn't let go. Spoonfed.

This weeks challenge: Natural Disasters in LACAN WE NOTE.. that if my desktop computer was working right now, I totally would have photoshopped Tyra's face on Godzilla and planted it right smack in the middle of this LA picture...

and now to the quotes!

  • lots of wind
  • wow. we finally have a MODEL show up to set
  • she was so creative, and she thought carefully. she literally created a wall of water, like a tidal wave!
  • i found out that my naturally disaster really wasn't a natural disaster.. it was just me causing a traffic jam.
  • Jay: "You look like a broken barbie doll." Response from model: "Do you hate that?"
  • I didn't let go. Spoonfed. (yeah I had no clue what she was saying either!)
  • you got stuck on pretty and forgot about a blackout.
  • you have this slightly mean look.. like.. I will destroy but yet you manage to stay really beautiful
  • the little finger in the hand is just delicious!
  • i don't really love it, i think you could've done so much more if you collapsed

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WeezerMonkey said...

Hey! I live in that picture! :)

eperry said...

i was sad to see clark go :(

R said...

Damn it! A spoiler!! Oh well, I'm still gonna watch. Now it'll be fun to match the quotes with the people. :)