October 8, 2008

MeMe, not the Drew Carey Kind

This MeMe was 'borrowed' from Allie at My Wardrobe Today, I tagged myself!

1. Clothes Shop: J.Crew, by far my favorite place ever. Alright, I lied. Its really the J.Crew outlets that make me weak in the knees!

2. Furniture Shop: Crate & Barrel has furniture and decor that makes me want to go to a HomeGoods and buy cheaper similar goodness.

3. Sweet:
4. City: Obviously, Boston is my favorite city. But I've been obsessing over Charleston, SC as of late. I even signed up to get random tourguides from their Tourism Department! I think it was ever since Matt Lauer was there on the Today Show and said that everyone says hi to everyone on the streets. I plan on making a trip soon! Anyone been??

5. Drink: Its a tie between A Cranberry Lime Ricki and a Bloody Mary, both from Deep Ellum, in Allston, MA.

6. Music: Alternative Rock, Country, Gangster Rap, Hot Jams, Jam Band..... the song played most on repeat this week is Love Story by Taylor Swift (who I call Taylor Hicks by accident about ever. single. time.)

7. TV Series: Shows that get DVR'd are (and please don't judge)... General Hospital, The Soup, How I Met Your Mother, Lost, Gossip Girl, Privileged, America's Next Top Model, Entourage, House Hunters, Mad Men, 90210, One Tree Hill, The Mentalist, House.. wow, I feel like I'm leaving a bunch of shows out!

8. Film: Right now, it's Forgetting Sarah Marshall! I laughed like a bastard through the entire thing.

9. Workout: Sprinting on the tredmill so that it will be over with soon. lol

10. Pastries: THIS peanut butter amazingness that my girl Jenny makes.

11. Coffee: Hot or Iced, with skim milk and 2 splenda. Or an Irish Coffee on snow days ;)

I tag.. you!

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Sara Jane said...

I love Charleston, SC. I go all the time since it's only about 3 hours from me and I go there for work. Let me know when you decide to go and we can have a little meet up!

Ali said...

dude you switched to skim milk 2equals?! bless your heart, i tried skim milk but couldnt go through with it. And im glad you posted that desert jenny makes. fuckin fabulous (can i swear on this thing?) sorry!

Ali said...

opps, splenda my b

nicoleantoinette said...

This is the time of year that I most wish I liked coffee.

Katelin said...

seriously i wish you lived in california. we have so much in common :)

Sarah said...

I love Mimi!! She makes me feel better when I make poor eye makeup choices.

R said...

I watch almost all of the same shows you do. No judgment here. ;)

emrlds said...

i adore you. i'll even let the country music slide.
sending mango marg email NOW.

willikat said...

i love the soup and forgetting sarah marshall. i bet if we got together we'd laugh like crazy.

Sarah said...

I really think I will like the Carolinas although I've never been to either state. I think we should do some house hunting together.

Also, I just blogged about moving to Boulder if you're interested in Colorado ;)