October 9, 2008

What Fiercee girl were YOU?

  • You're now the hunchback of notre dame... THAT'S MODELING!
  • I want you to use that... while you're on the toilet.
  • I can do crying.. (fakes crying).. NO.. that's ugly.
  • I thought I had this whole awkward thing going with my poses, but then Tyra told me its more like I'm surfing.
  • although you don't look like you're okay, you definitely look like you're falling apart!
  • what fiercee girl were you?!
  • i noticed you used a lot of your teach with me, in this picture.. is that true? (um, that'd be Tyra trying to make the picture all about herself even though she wasn't in the pic!)
not a spoiler.. but what the hell was up with Tyra's Wicked Witch Hoodie she was rocking at panel?

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WeezerMonkey said...

I hate to admit it, but Sheena is finally growing on me.

Ali said...

i could absolutely not stand Tyra last night. bllaaa. THat whole hood thing "little black riding hood" whatever...yea what did that have to do with anything?!

brookem said...

i was wondering the SAME THING about tyra and her getup at panel. ugh, she's so, so annoying lately. it's like she gets worse every.single.episode. and as though she's wishing she went into acting- putting on these different personas (tyrabot?) every week. it's wicked lame, right?

Sara Jane said...

Tyra has officially lost her mind! Seriously. I'm with Brookem. Every week she gets worse. I wait every week for the reincarnation of Tybot.

eperry said...

OMG, i thought the same thing - take the damn hood off! I hate to say it but she gets uglier and uglier to me with each episode. i do think i've picked a favorite though - analeigh!

Miss Musing said...

Just wanted to say hi and introduce myself :) I came across your blog and am loving it! I went to college in Boston so I envy where you live. I had such an amazing time there and wouldn't have left if not for the job offers in NY.


R said...

Tyra drives me insane. I shake my head at her for one reason or another every single week. Why doesn't she have people around her that tell her how crazy she is?

KT said...

i can't stand tyra banks.

Katelin said...

weezermonkey..i love sheena, haha. i was so glad she didn't go. i don't think she'll win, but she's hilarious.

but marjorie...her awkwardness is driving me insane. gah.