November 8, 2008

A Boston Peach!

Friday I did a very bad thing. A thing that no woman should EVER subject herself to.

I was warned by some lady coworkers "Don't do it, Julie. Nothing good will come out of it.. well actually it'd be kinda awesome!"

Here it goes.

I brought this picture into Sephora and asked to see every single thing that Rachel Bilson was wearing for makeup. Granted I might as well have put a "Please Take Advantage of Me" sticker on my forehead, but it was a special occasion (aka commission check) so I didn't give a shit and was in a crazy makeup diva mood.

I know I mentioned before that I would never shop IN a Sephora again (only because of the awesome free samples Sephora online drops in every single shipment) but I found that when you buy enough stuff and totally bond with the Sales Associate over NARS Peach Cream Blush- she'll hook you up with some extra samples. So there.

Getting back to this makeup lunch break debauchery.. the only thing the article mentioned for product was NARS cream blush in Gueule de Nuit (aka why I didn't end up shopping at MAC) but the Sephora Chick was very good about not being bias over a certain brand and even threw in some Sephora Brand Makeup as well (aka a break from the hotty totty prices).

Yes I have a Staples "That was Easy" Button next to my desktop computer and YES, I still press it every once and awhile and it never gets old!!! And please excuse the dusty desk. I will get a Swiffer on that right away.

To Get This Look!


  • Bare Essentials Prime Time foundation primer ($21) - I already am a huge supporter of Bare Essentials Foundation- but I bought the starter kit ($60) a few months back when it didn't include this Primer. You MUST use it to get full coverage (and yes, that means hiding the blemishes on my face)
  • NARS cream blush in Gueule de Nuit ($24) -the MAIN focus of this look. Sephora chick said to use your finger to apply, and in the picture it looks like Rachel has a lot on the apple of her cheeks.
  • Stila Eye Shadow in nanda devi ($18+$2 refillable compact) - Sephora chick said a dark brown eye shadow that's matte (aka NO glimmer) right along the eye lid
  • Stila Eye Shadow in bouquet ($18+$2 refillable compact) - Who knew you needed an eye shadow primer? I'm excited to try this out, its a peachy/pinkish that you're supposed to apply all over the eye- up to the brow.
  • Sephora Eye Pencil in Dark Brown ($4) black liner will not cut it!
  • (already own Dior Show mascara in black, which I will be rocking with the look)
  • the article says "to spotlight your warm flush, make like these celebs and keep lips bare.
  • Sephora Lipstick in Star ($12)
  • Sephora Lip-Maniac-Liner in Miel ($6)
  • NARS Lip Gloss in Greek Holiday ($24)
Sephora Samples!
  • Beauty Insider Perk: Make Up Forever High Definition Primer
  • Dr. Brandt Poreless Gel for oily/combination skin (i think that was a pity sample when asking how to hide a blemish... whatever.. i'll take it!)
  • Zirh Ikon men's cologne. um yeah, this will be in the trash before gus ever sees it because it smells way too greasy italian for my liking.

I will attempt this look tonite when I get together with some lady friends from Highschool, is it sad to call it a mini highschool reunion because you rarely get to see some of these chicks even though all of them live less than a half hour away?! A little bit, yes.

Julie Bilson pics will be posted tomorrow. I just hope I can pull off the Georgia Peach look without looking like a clown.

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emrlds said...

stop making me want to shop!! altho i really need that bare essentials primer. hm.

WeezerMonkey said...

I think this Rachel Bilson look is perfection for you! Can't wait to see pics!

Ali said...

your crazy makeup diva moods always rub off on me! damn you now i want makeup..def might want taht peach blush

amandabtv said...

Sephora is a very dangerous place for me, and this just made me want to go more and pick up some of that Bare Essentuals primer, because I am obsessed with their foundation.

Laurie said...

Awesome! You know, you and RB look alike - I totally see it.

I love NARS products - although the lip products don't have quite the staying power of MAC - but I like them a lot.

Have you ever tried BE Buxom lip polish? They're a close second to MAC - love them. They're like plushglass!

R said...

Such a make-up diva. ;)