November 19, 2008

Glitter Glisten Gloss Floss..

...I catch the beat running like Randy Moss. Alright, enough Outkast for this fine Wednesday morning.

Let's have a contest, shall we?

Just answer the following question via comment form and you could win a Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Gloss. I'll pick 2 winners Thursday evening (9pm) and post it Friday morning. Guys, feel free to comment and you can throw it in a Christmas stocking to a lovely lady friend. Now that I think about it.. I believe about 3 guys have commented on my blog. total. and that includes my husband, who is binded by a contract to comment every once in awhile.


WHO is your favorite spokesmodel?

This could vary from makeup to shoes to perfume to pizza to computers to beer to whatever you like! Also past and present spokesmodels are fair game.

A few of my favs?

Elizabeth Hurley - Estee Lauder. My roommate in college kinda looked like her in this picture. Seems like this ad, and our friendship, was centuries ago... I still heart Liz Hurley though!

Noxima Girl - This chick was the coolest, then she showed up as Dylan McKay's love.. and now she's married to McSteamy! WHAT a resume..

Tom Brady - Stetson Cologne. Have mercy. Give that creative art director a raise!

Let's hear it!!

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Bex said...

I absolutely *love* Heidi Klum and Brooke Shields for Volkswagon...which, I have to say, is a very weird spot for both of them, but it works!

Arielle said...

I really like Queen Latifah as a Covergirl.

Golightly said...

I am with Bex - Love Brooke Shields for VW. Those ads crack me up. I also loved Sarah Jessica Parker for GAP a few years back.

linabeau said...

i believe my intro to "what happens when people who are famous for no reason grow up" was Mr. T doing 1-800-COLLECT commercials in the mid-ninties. I'm going to have to say I still get a chuckle... I Pity the fool who be usin' Mr. T as a spokesperson.

But maybe that's just me.

Sarah said...

Damn, Noxema girl was totally one of my choices, because to this day she is still the effin Noxema girl to me. That's saying something. Anyway...

Runner-up: band. I enjoy those catchy tunes.

Winner: PC vs. Mac. I am almost positive Justin Long actually is a Mac computer. And PC guy is actually a PC, talking to me. For some reason, they always get me to suspend disbelief and those are also the best commercials ever. Especially the pizza one :)

eperry said...

i love Justin Long who plays the Mac guy for the Apple commercials :)

stephanie said...

I've also gotta pick Justin Long in the Mac commercials. I love those commercials so much, I may become a Mac girl with my next computer purchase.

~~ Stephanie

Laurie said...

The VW ads with Brooke Shields are my current fave (and she was really awesome in her CK days too!).

I also love Fergie for MAC - Viva Glam. Her lipglass is my fave - and the ads are so beautiful.

Hillary said...

I love Drew Barrymore as a Cover Girl

Katelin said...

oooh very fun, i love jen garner for noxema and i swear she does another makeup but maybe i'm making it up. i just love her. obviously :)

Lacey Bean said...

Totally Heidi Klum for the new Guitar Hero. I love her sense of humor in it!

Tia said...

christina aguilera for versace.

it's old school but i don't care.

WeezerMonkey said...

Boo to Rebecca Gayheart! She ran over and killed a nine-year-old while talking on her cell phone while driving!

brandy said...

Drew for Covergirl. She seems a bit... more normal (while still being completely airbrushed) than a lot of other spokespeople!

And I like Anne Hathaway for Lancome... I think she's stunning!

emrlds said...

sarah jessica is my favorite spokesmodel for life. really, i adore her. but can we hear it for that yellow lab puppy in the charmin commercial? c'mon!!! =) (ha!)

willikat said...

I love Kate Moss for just about anything she reps.
I LOVE the Brooke Shields/VW commercials...she does them so well, I laugh every time.
And whatever Christy Turlington ever sells, I will try to buy. Her face is perfection.
I loved Dita Von Teese for MAC.
Love the new Heidi Klum/Guitar Hero commercials, too.
The David Beckham in his underwear ads were hot too.

LegallyBoston said...

I love the guy!!