November 11, 2008

Hmmm which Roadblock Friend would I be?

Your Tango lists the 9 types of friends that ruin your game.

A few favorites from the list..

  • You're crew doesn't like outsiders AKA How I Met Your Mother

Hmmmm I could see that being a popular one among friends. Its hard to bring a newcomer out when everyone has all their inside jokes.

  • Third Wheel AKA Dr. Gregory House
I wish Dr. House would hang out with me! I wouldn't care if he was the third wheel!
  • You're the lone single women among them AKA Sheree from Real Housewives of Atlanta
Really? This is the only single girl they could come up with? She's such a heinous character. Yuck. Can't wait for tonite's episode though when her fashion show gets effed up! Am I the only one on Team NeNe?!?? Did I just admit to that?
  • She's happy for you.. if she's happy first AKA Blair Waldorf of Gossip Girl
I'd still hang out with Blair, only to be closer to the ridiculously awesome Blair/Chuck Chemistry. Plus we could drive around in the limo and pick on peasants!

Click here for the rest of the list!

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The Dutchess of Kickball said...

My friends were totally HIMYM for the longest time. And I do still have one friend who acts like everyone has to be single while she is single.

Lynn said...

I don't think my roommate guy's crew likes outsiders much. Yet he still drags me everywhere. So I think, if anything, they are getting used to the idea of me. haha.

Andréa said...

Team NeNe oh damn you crack me up. I am like addicted to that show and I swear I become more stupid everytime I watch. UGH. I hate it and love it. But freaking Sheree needs to get a life. You HAVE no fashion sense (someone tells you what to wear) you have no boobs. So stop wearing water bras to pretend you do. And please for hte love of God stop being friends with Kim. I think her blonde weave is hideous and if she talks about Big Pappa one more time I am going to keal over and die.

Maxie said...

I'd be friends with blair, but not best friends... that girl is CRAZY.

Katelin said...

i don't know any of these show references except how i met your mother and house, haha.

susan said...

I feel like I am in How I Met Your Mother at times.

R said...

That first one is hard. It's caused me to shun planning birthday parties for myself in the past.