November 21, 2008

'Kitchen Nightmares, is the next best thing since The Wire'

Post title is a direct quote from *Gus

*a TV Snob in my eyes

It all started when I saw on When Tara Met Blog that her uncle was going to be on Fox' Kitchen Nightmares last week. I obviously was going to watch the show because since a blogger knew the guy on the show, that means I knew him too, right?

*quick recap: KN is a show where celeb chef Gordan Ramsey goes into a restaurant, finds out why they aren't working up to par, and fixes them and makes them fantastical again. All while being a huge asshole and screaming at them and the camera, which totally works for him and makes him almost kinda dreamy..

I had reservations about grabbing the remote last Thursday, since the Patriots Game was on (seriously why would NFL ef up ABC's lineup on a Thursday for Bostonians?!). "Hey, Gus, we have to watck KN tonite, cos my new BFF's Uncle is on the show."

"Dude, i LOVE Kitchen Nightmares" says the hubs.

"Um... okay, put it on!" I say in disbelief wondering if he's talking about a different Kitchen Nightmares.. like where they have ESPN Sportscasters cooking for their assistants or something.

We watch 2 back to back KN episodes, and tune into the Pats game during the commercial breaks. Yes, I did feel like I was in the twilight zone. This is the guy who watches football for about 10 straight hours every Sunday. Ladies, apparently all guys dig Kitchen Nightmares!

I even brought this new case study up to my boss the next day. "KN? i LOVE that show" he replied. "What what WHAT?!" I thought to myself?! How did this epidemic slip by me?

The only thing I can think of is... ladies, the Thursday night after Thanksgiving, invite your man over for my infamous "Forget Engagement Chicken Recipe" and whip that meal up for him while tuning into Kitchen Nightmares. That's like the equivalent of a guy pouring you a cosmo and saying "Hey! Carrie and the girls are on tv!!! Let's tune in!"

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WeezerMonkey said...

I, too, love Kitchen Nightmares.

Maxie said...

Kitchen Nightmares is the best... plus I just love Gordon Ramsey.

eperry said...

i saw that on tara's blog too but haven't had a chance to watch it yet. though, i'm a huge fan of hell's kitchen with him too.

R said...

Hubbs would still watch football and tell me to TiVo KN. You must have magic in your remote.