November 13, 2008

The opposite of nerves, is not bored.. -tyra

Gchat convo between me and Lauren during the episode
Lauren: haha

what is this haha
me: thtas why i love this show
Lauren: shes pretty
me: marjorie is going to like cry
haha i can't wait
Lauren: she looks like a 10 yr old boy
me: HAHA
keep running
Lauren: O M G
me: marjorie why are you still here?

OKAY, back to quotes from the ep! and yeah if you've ever gchatted with me, I think I write 'haha' more than I write actual words....
  • you swept the challenge away, now lets see if the windmill swept you away!
  • i need to be a little nervous, to be somewhat interesting
  • you look like the UFO beamed you down
  • the opposite of nerves, is not bored. (WHAT. is tyra talking about?)
  • i love a girl with a down-turned top lip! and you have that. meaning your cupids bow, the middle part is up, and the sides go down. and i think i like that, cos i don't have that (FAV QUOTE OF THE NIGHT!!!!)
  • her presence when she stands in front of you, is not model.
  • her eyes are burrowing into my soul, and her lips are just jokers lips that I want to go "insert tyra ridiculous sound"

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Maxie said...

tyra is just... so so so so horrible.

eperry said...

i died laughing at that down-turned lip comment too! but i was SO GLAD to see marjorie go...yay analeigh!

The Dutchess of Kickball said...

I missed it last night. Sounds like it was a good one. And thank you so much to previous comments for making my day, I'm been dying for Marjorie to go home, I hate her. So glad it was her.

Katelin said...

tyra is so freaking crazy and i'm so glad marjorie went home. i mean how could she have stayed, she's crazy.

R said...

Damn. Spoiler in the comments. :/ It's all good. I figured she'd have to go home eventually.

Your convo on gchat is funny. Ha ha ha! ;)