November 2, 2008

What's your beef, Stu?

Hardcore Vegetarians, you may want to stop reading here...
Now that it's getting chilly out- its time to break out the Crock pot and get cookin! Today I made a Beef Stew. While usually you're supposed to cook it for 12 hours on low, I opted for the impatient time of 6 hours, setting the crock pot to high.

Beef Stew is SO EASY to make! All you need is the following:

Another reason why I love Beef Stew? Cos its pretty hard to eff up.. You don't have to measure everything exactly, so you can throw in more of what you love, and less of what you don't love.

Throw the meat into the Crock Pot and cover it with the Salt/Pepper/Flour mixed together.

Next its time to stir in the garlic, paprika and bay leaf. I realized how much I don't like bay leafs after i mixed it in, so I took it out about 10 minutes later.

Next, add the Worcestershire sauce and the rest of the chopped veggies. For those who aren't from New England.. its pronounced "wuss-ster-sheer"

Being the wino that I am, my mom suggested that I throw in some Red Red Wine. I suggested that she's a genius.

Check out the action shot of me adding the broth. My camera is really high tech. like. that.

Now for the super secret ingredient that you don't tell anyone about... a pack of Lipton Onion Soup Mix [i did a half pak this time- but next time i'm throwing the whole thing in]. The picture is in grayscale because no one should have to see me with no makeup on. But who puts makeup on Sunday mornings when they go food shopping? Cos I sure as hell don't.

Set the timer for 6 hours, which means you can get one trip to the gym and about 6 good episodes of Tivo in there. Plus it makes your house smell absolutely delish! Then just set yourself a pretty place to sit and eat. [loving these turquoise napkins and napkin rings from Erica-- who also happened to stop by with her fiance, James, to try some!]

As you can tell, the first pic is also the last! JQ Beef Stew for the Soul...

Bon Appetit!

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willikat said...

MMMMMM. I love beef stew!!! i'm making a pot roast with potatoes tomorrow (in the crock pot). Celery, carrots, a little onion, lots of salt, pepper, and herbs de provence. That's it!

Sara Jane said...

Yummm! Send some my way. PS-I'm still digging the grey nails.

WeezerMonkey said...

I am cracking up at your grayscale photo. The poor world has to endure my makeup-less face on a near-daily basis! Ha!

emrlds said...

i have a nails are grey. and i'm OBSESSED!
and also, you know where i live. swing some stew by. thanks =)

Miss Gallery Place said...

umm...that looks tasty.

i want a slow cooker :(

eperry said...

my crock pot is buried in a box somewhere in our "storage room" as the hubs and i prepare to move into our new house. can't wait to use it - this will be one of the first i try!

Pandesaldreamer said...

Your beef stew looks delish. I may have to try that this week since the weather is blah now. Thanks for the recipe!

R said...

I might have to buy a crock pot just so I can make some JQ Stew.