December 22, 2008

I forgot why I love the Northeast so much!

Note: Usually Christmas Trees have ornaments hung evenly from top to bottom. Not the case for households with two short mutts who think Glass Ornaments are cookies! Another note: those presents under the tree go on top of the dining room table during the work day because Lexie tried opening a few presents already!
I don't really like the cold. Not sure why I went to college in upstate NY, only to move back to Boston. But then I realized that there is an exception for snowstorms. This weekend was such a fun fest! I went grocery shopping at 7am on Friday morning as if we were going to shack up in a storm cellar (equipped with a 46' new plasma obvi). I then hit up Hollywood Video and was torn between a chick flick that only I would watch while the man would be shoveling (it was a tossup between The Women & Mama Mia) and a bunch of other movies that me and him could watch this weekend.

If I didn't love taking baths, there is probably a 100% chance that I would not have showered this weekend (taking a bath falls under the showering category) Pretty much I read magazines, watched movies, cooked food, painted my nails, watched the hubs use the snow blower through the window, watched Rocco and Lexie run around like jackrabbits in the backyard, had a yummy dinner out with the hubs and my mom, and cleaned.. if you're going to be shacked up all weekend, a clean house is a MUST!

In fact, if it was winter all year round, there's a good chance I'd turn into a hot tranny mess who didn't leave her house, stopped brushing her hair and started ordering stuff from the Home Shopping Network.

Oh snap, its Movie review time! Not only did I watch these rentals, but I also saw 1/2 of Shopgirl twice on TNT, Saving Silverman on TBS and threw in 'Its A Wonderful Life' after one Irish Coffees too many.

The Women: Eh... I actually didn't mind it, but only because it was filmed in Boston. Except its 'based in NYC' which was dreadful at hear. Fail! At least Eva Mendes and Annette Benning are in it. Wouldn't recommend as a rental, but if it popped up on HBO On Demand for free, I'd watch.

At least one good line came out of it: "Don't be Bitter. It causes Botox."

The Diving Bell and the Butterfly: SO glad I finally saw it. I was afraid to.. being a French Film (no offense) and being subtitled, but Gus and I thought it was a really really good movie. Obviously its a tough watch, but WeeMo wrote a nice review here. Plus she mentioned The Savages, which I also secretly loved.

Traitor: Yikes, we haven't got to it *yet*. Ironically.. Its A Wonderful Life pushed it out of the running. Merry Christmas Mr. Potter! Update: we finally tried watching it and I gave it a big FAIL for being boring. In its defense, it was up against America's Funniest Home Videos, so it really didn't stand a chance.The House Bunny: ALIJASDFLKJSDF so funny. I LoL'd about 45 times, which almost caught up to the 106 times I cracked up during Step Brothers. RENT IT! Maybe it was me being insane due to the snowstorm and being cooped up in the house all weekend, but I loved it. And I was a ZTA (Zeta Tau Alpha) in college, and 'ZETA' was the sorority full of losers (ha!) that the House Bunny came to help.

I'll post more Christmas Decoration pix later on this week since the house will be looking fierce in time for Christmas Eve. (We won the rights to host it this year!! Woo Hoo)

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susan said...

What a good weekend. I love how snowstorms make you revert back to when you were a kid and you feel like school was just called off and you get to stay home and play.

emrlds said...

i love the half decorated tree! the place looks great. =)
and really, i wish i could spend today watching more movies on the couch.

Jessica said...

Jealousy is running through my veins right now. I spent the weekend in 70is degree weather. No so much fun when Christmas is right around the corner! I did get to watch that Pats game though and it looks like that's as close as I'm getting! Have fun during your Christmas Eve get-to-gether!!

The Dutchess of Kickball said...

I also saw parts of Shopgirl. Now I really want to see the rest of it. I think I got the gist of what was going on, but I'm not sure.

Ali said...

your tree/decorations look great! and i totally watched Shopgirl this weekend too :)

WeezerMonkey said...

So glad you liked Diving Bell! What an incredible story!

brookem said...

your digs look great! i love your little captions.
i need to see some of these flicks for sure.

R said...

At least you'll have practice with ornament placement if you ever have kids. You can thank the mutts for that. :)

Katelin said...

sounds like a perfect weekend in! and i really want to see house bunny, it looks so ridiculous but so funny. glad you liked it.

Brandy said...

I've heard so many mixed reviews about 'the women', which sucks because I was really hoping it was going to be awesome, because hello? Annette? Is awesome.

Also? Your tree is pretty!!