January 6, 2009

A Closer Look

  • I'm guessing there is a hole lotta booze in the tool boxes on Home Improvement Shows. First it was Ty Pennington and his DUI, now its TLC's Trading Spaces & Moving Up's Doug Wilson who got busted on NYE. On a side note, Moving Up is one of my new favorite shows. Its kooky and corny and brings people back to their house after they move out to see what renovations and decor changes which were made by the new owners. The fake 'ooohh.. that's interesting' comments that are made during the reveal make it awesomely awkward.
  • oh la la... the best places to M.O. (make out) in Boston!
  • Giselle doesn't have to brush her hair or wear foundation. If you could see my face under the 3 lbs of makeup I have while writing this, you'd see some tears.
  • I have a minor obsession with the Eat This Not That segment on the Today Show. Most recently they hit up the supermarkets for all of the worst packaged foods. Twix is bad for you? Ca-ray-zee-nez
  • Flat Tummy Meals, another zinger from the Today Show. Hopefully I will look as hot as MerVer!!!
  • New Shows to watch in '09! Plus January means all the good shows are coming back. Gus told me my New Years Resolution should be to not watch as much tv, but I think the peaceful green mountains in Vermont must have gotten to him. Plus, he likes 24 & Lost. Jack and Jack.
  • Are snowboards getting too risky in VT with Burton's Playboy line of boards? The only thing I could see happening is guys being distracted by looking up at the boobies on the chairlift and wiping out a ski school in progress. Other then that its totally kosher in my eyes.
  • And finally, the COWBOYS are out of the playoffs! This made me super happy since the Cowboys were the only team I followed this year only to hope they'd lose every game and Jessica Simpson would get dumped.... so now we wait
  • Oh. and one more thing, totally got sucked back into watching The Bachelor again. kjadsfkljasdf did anyone watch the season preview at the end? With Deanna coming back and causing a rockus! I haven't been this excited since the Atlanta Housewive Sheree's Fashion Show with No Fashion (literally.. no clothes were displayed). I have chills.

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WeezerMonkey said...

I don't wear makeup either...but I also don't look like Giselle.

And I look like an unruly lion in the morning.

Must. Brush. Hair.

eperry said...

how much do you love matt lauer and meredith vieira? they are so awesome together. brings a little happiness into my morning as i too pile on 3lbs of makeup. no shame in it, honey!

Arielle said...

Man, I need to find someone to get makey outey with so I can hit up all those spots!

nicoleantoinette said...

This post made me realize I haven't brushed my hair in a few days. Ew? But I'm sick! And in bed! So it's fine, right?

Katelin said...

umm flat tummy meals? yeah i need to look into that one. and as for the brushing hair deal, if i didn't brush mine, it'd look like a small nest had grown on my head, not a pretty sight.

Andréa said...

Ok, 1. YAY for the freaking Cowboys being booted!!! UGH! You should have seen the news coverage ;-)
2. the Bachelor... damn was that a tease or what? CR-AAAA-ZY!!

willikat said...

You make me laugh out loud like every day. Thanks.
I also rock a lot of makeup. And proudly.

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

OH- The bachelor makes my life better.

AND THAT, is sad.

emrlds said...

if you need me, i'll be in all of those make out spots trying to land a man to make out with. that'll work, right? lol

R said...

Nope. Uh-uh. I am going to continue to believe that Giselle wakes up looking like Animal until she brushes her hair and puts on make-up. Oh, and in my fantasy world she has really bad breath too. ;)