January 30, 2009



good we're getting a gym! floors are in, paint is drying...

bad tredmills from the gym are like $6G. I did not know that. craigslist anyone????

ugly tanning beds are even more expensive!!! but is totally justifiable. kidding.

good I heart Kelly Clarkson. My pop princess is back and she didn't even have to shave her head!!! I heart her new single, and have been playing it on repeat all day in my iPod at the office. [image-perez]

bad i counted over 6 pairs of shoes that the bottom part of the heel has warn out and the nail is sticking out. granted some of them aren't even worth getting fixed, but I'm not one to part with shoes easily..

ugly domino magazine is dunzo! Now how am i supposed to be inspired to make mi casa fantastical?! Oh yeah.. at least there's home goods!


good one of our favs from college is coming to visit! We booked a hotel at hot spot in town so we don't have to worry about driving back to the burbs after partying it up in boston. Loved how the fanciest hotel was also the cheapest on expedia. wicked classy!

bad its supposed to be 28 degrees with the windchills in the teens. BLERG.

ugly my hangover when this is all said and done.

good I forgot how awesome this season of the Bachelor is! Except I did see another pinky ring in the mix, so I'm not sure the spoiler prediction is accurate anymore....

bad Repeats of The Office, GG, Greys and HIMYM

ugly the other day I had CBS Early Show on INSTEAD of the Today Show. I know.. insane right? But only because they were doing a feature on Jessica Simpson, where they brought in Emme, a 'plus' size model to defend the gal. Let me tell you how glued to the tv I was watching that. i can't wait to see what she wears to her next concert!

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notyourplainjane said...

I love that news shows have the time to talk about Jessica's booty growing! It makes my day!

Sarah said...

Tanning bed. Unacceptable.

Thanks for the obligatory Matt Damon shot ;)

Katelin said...

a gym in your house? i am so jealous.

well i sort of have one in my apartment, it's called my wii fit, haha.

nicoleantoinette said...

But did you see the preview of next week's Grey's/Private Practice cross over episode? It looks pretty sweet. Not as sweet as a GYM in your HOUSE though!

R said...

Tell me that ep of the Office after the Super Bowl wasn't funny and I'll show you a liar. ;)

Jealz of the JQ Gym!