January 21, 2009

My money is on the Jeans!

So I got my hubs tickets for the Celtics Game this past Monday. I knew he would love watching his team beat the Phoenix Suns' Shaq and Steve Nash (Celtics won 104-87) and I knew I would love searching the Garden for Celebrities.

Unfortunately our Balcony seats made that impossible, and I was afraid it would not be a blogworthy event.



'Everybody we have a special event tonite, please welcome the [insert local town here] youth basketball players' And out comes a bunch of 10 year old b-ball players. And then I saw him. The kid in jeans.

While everyone else was dressed to the nine in fierce basketball gear, here comes a kid in jeans running around the court, asking for his friends to pass him the ball.

He even tried shooting a 3 pointer! Imagine you know you'll be playing in the Boston Garden that night and you're getting ready to appear in front of thousands of people. Sneakers. Check. White T-Shirt. Check. Basketball Shorts. hhhmmmmmmm. Yeah. About that.

Thank you, Levi Strauss, for making my night!

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WeezerMonkey said...

Best captions ever.

Yummy Mummy said...

I heart him as well. Possibly he split his shorts right before the big game? Or even worse maybe he got so nervous he had a little accident?? I'm just sayin!

eperry said...

omg, that is too funny. he wanted to be "that guy" :)

i would've been stalking the celebs right there with ya. gives me a good idea for a bday gift - he watches the sport, i search for the stars. i like it!

Julie Q said...

Perfect gift! [aka it was one of my xmas presents to him] plus you get to make a date night out of it and grab some dinner in the north end before

Yiayia said...

It is a tribute to your value system that you can see beyond the outer cover to the person within. It may also have been that he couldn't afford the 'right costume'. Whatever, he understood it is the playing, not the trappings that count and so did you.

Lynn said...

hahaha, thats great. I need to go to a celtics game sometime, I've never been!

Katelin said...

hahaha that's awesome. definitely counts as a celeb sighting. :)

emrlds said...

i'm willing to bet those girls in front of you had no idea what was actually happening in the game. (hi, cynical boston sports gal here).
but that kid? AWESOME. i bet he woke up and forgot to put his shorts in his bag. and his mom, in true masshole fashion, was like, "too bad kid, i ain't bringin' em."
i love this place.

R said...

Oh man, I love your captions and I love that kid. Although, as a mom, I cringe that he didn't have all his stuff together for such a big event. I'm going to pretend there was an accident and the shorts had to go then hope he had fun playing--cause that's what counts! ;)