January 26, 2009

Stains the Dog meet your match

Thank you my beloved D-Listed for posting about Stains the Dog. He was a featured pooch on Animal Planet's 'Its Me or The Dog' and thanks to Joel McHales interns on The Soup- he was showcased to the world last Friday night.

The owner didn't want him eating any of the food in the kitchen, so the host lady tried to hypnotize him so he wouldn't eat any cupcakes. How hilarious is his face in a trance? Now all I picture is me waking up in the middle of the night with Rocco and Lexie standing next to my bed staring at me like that!! click here to watch the clip. It almost reminds me of this pic of Rocco last year after I made some fabulous chocolate peanut butter cup cookies.

i heart the soup. and dogs. and laughing uncontrollably. and dogs who have raging sweet tooths!

'stains' image courtesy of dlisted. rocco image courtesy of his mama bear.

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Megan said...

Good morning. I just discovered your blog after searching Google for Stains! Looks funny, I'll be back!

andrea said...

I saw this on the soup the other night and laughed for 10 minutes straight! Julie, your cookies looks so yummy. Perhaps we should be baking cookies together instead of doing happy hour. Or baking cookies and doing happy hour haha. I have been enjoying your blog now for a few weeks thanks to your bro...decided it was finally time to comment:)


Lynn said...

I loved that dog on the soup!

Katelin said...

i seriously laughed out loud at that dog, his face is priceless. haha.

R said...

Hubbs and I laughed out loud for a good while when we saw Stains on The Soup. Too damned funny! Watch out, Stains has crazy eyes!