January 14, 2009

We Are Not We Are Not Martha..

My two favorite cooks over at We Are Not Martha, Sues and Chels, are participating in a fabulous feelgood contest. I told them I'd be happy to spread the blogger buzz and help them out, plus they hope to plan on donating the $5,000 cash prize to the Greater Boston Food Bank! Kick ass!

Here are the directions straight from Susie. It takes longer to read the directions than it does to participate, so join in the fun and help!

Here's what we need you to do:
1) Read our blog post at www.wearenotmartha.com (will be posted at 10 a.m. on Wed) and follow the link to http://www.startwithsubstance.com/ to get to the Quaker Facebook fan page

2) Download and print out a copy of the Quaker Oatmeal man

3) Take your picture with him and upload the picture to the Facebook fan page

4) Put the link to your photo in the comments section of We are not Martha
*Only one person should be in each photo

Each of the 25 blogs has a designated day. Since ours is Wednesday you have between 10 a.m. on Wed. and 10 a.m. on Thurs to post your photos. Feel free to print the Quaker man out and pass him around your office, letting your co-workers post their pictures too. The blog that gets the most people to post their photo with the Quaker man, wins the $5,000!
We're really excited about this and are hoping we can win the money to donate. Let us know if you have any questions. We seriously appreciate your help sooo much!

Since this starts at 10am today and most of you are at work, the great news is you can take the picture and upload it when you get home if you don't have access to a digicam. I'll be updating my blog post later on this afternoon with my picture and the Quaker Man (at least he's not as scary as the Burger King guy!)

Send me the link if you participate or post about it, and good luck We Are Not Martha!

Spread the word. the bird is the word.

UPDATE: Low and behold, me and Lexie's fabulous headshot with the Quakerman
Plus Caroline had a classic strike a pose moment.fierceness for a great cause.. even fiercer!

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We Are Not Martha said...

Thank you so much, Julie!! :)

And you're right about the Quaker Man not being as scary as the BK guy. But there are tons of Facebook groups for people who are afraid of him!!


linabeau said...

i'm his lover. :-)

susan said...

The quaker man is a little scary though.

R said...

I'm out. No Facebook here.