February 20, 2009

Quick Rant

I thought Octomom was crazy.. but then I met the Chimpanzee mom! She reminds me (and looks EXACTLY) of my old french teacher in Highschool who was borderline schizo. One time we had a fire alarm and she threw all of her Fake Plants out the window. She also yelled at me for allegedly picking out my eyebrows (while I had never touched them). Needless to say, she was insane, and now all I can say after 4 years of french is 'ou est le bibliotheque?' translation: where is the library?

Favorite Quote: 'I just gave him some Xanax and tea!'

And I shall end with this.Go Sox. Happy Friday

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Yiayia said...

You mean you forgot 'je t'aime'? You really did lost those four years of class!

susan said...

That must have been hilarious - she really through all of her plants out the window over a drill?

emrlds said...

best someecard, ever!
and she is batshit crazy.

R said...

There are so many crazies out there these days!