February 23, 2009

Special Edition: JQ Lounge Oscar Coverage

Welcome everyone to the JQ Lounge Oscar Coverage. I'm joined by some special guests on this Oscar Sunday. Gus, the husband, who is back by popular demand after last years commentary. Matt Q, the brother, who has been a familiar face around this blog. And Andrea, a new JQ Lounge reader, and Girlfriend-in-Law. We were excited to have them join us for our 4th annual Chinese food/Oscar viewing event!

And now for some amusing not sober banter....

Gus: How did she change so quick?

JQ: Who? That's Guiliana DiPandi.. you're thinking of...

Debbie Matenopoulos who just hosted the 4 hour Pregame Red Carpet show that I made you watch..

Gus: They look exactly alike.. are they interchangable?


Gus: Miley Cirus looks like a french potato dish. What is this girl doing at the Academy Awards? Whats that tv show? Hannah Montana? Yeah.. oscar worthy

(10 minutes later) Do you think she's on coke right now? We're about 5 years away from Britney Spears 2.0

JQ: I think she looks like a strung out mermaid.


Matt Q: I dont know if i've ever seen a movie with Angelina Jolie in it..


Gus: That guy [emile hirsh] has a sweet haircut.

JQ: Yeah, that's Emile- he was in Into the Wild. We like him.

Gus: No, I like him from the skateboarding [Lords of Dogtown] movie. Did that ever get an Oscar?


this is for all you StepBrother fans out there

[when seeing Richard Jenkins on the red carpet]

Gus: Forget it. I'm going to the Cheesecake Factory.


Matt Q and Andrea: MuGato!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [during Designer Valentino's interview]


Gus: Julie, do you still hold a grudge against Jude Law for killing Tom Hanks in Road to Perdition? Cos I do.


Matt Q: So who comes to the Oscars.. Sasha Fierce or Beyonce?


Andrea: Doesn't it sound like Penelope Cruz forgot her Spanish at the end of her speech??


Gus: Do you think Meredith Viera is rooting for Slumdog because she hosts 'Who Wants to be a Millionare'?

Matt Q: Yes, I think there is a solidarity between game show hosts.


Matt Q: Do you think Hugh Jackman is going to bust out his wolverine claws during the opening?



[Jennifer Aniston had just announced the award with Jack Black, and they walk back to the podium to announce the next category]

Matt Q: And the biggest whore in Hollywood goes to..... (glaring at Angelina)

oh snap!

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Classy in Philadelphia said...

Hahahahah! I LOVE this. I was cracking up reading this especially because I didn't watch the Oscars.

susan said...

hahaha - I didn't watch them either, but I think your recap is enough!

notyourplainjane said...

You're so funny!

I feel like I was there with you all!

I can't wait for the E! Fashion Police.

eperry said...

i'm pretty proud of myself for staying up for most of the show. though, i did miss kate winslet's acceptance speech which angered me a bit. and i've decided that i really, really need to see slumdog millionaire apparently. thanks for the recap!

andrea said...

Hahahaha. Great recap of the night Julie. Had so much fun with you guys. Thanks for having us! :) kiss those adorable pups for me.

The Dutchess of Kickball said...

That isn't Beyonce or Sasha Fierce, it's African American Little Mermaid.

Yummy Mummy said...

Best recap of the day. The award goes to you Mrs. Julie Q!


Nanette said...

Booking my flight to come watch the Oscars with you guys next year!

Andréa said...

OMG - you all should have your own show. It could be like Space Odessy 2001, where those robots talk over those bad sci fi movies. I would totally watch it.

Katelin said...

hahaha love it. great oscar commentary :)

R said...

I love it that it was a group event. So great. Looking forward to next year!

the letters i wish i'd written said...

Favourite quote of the night has left me mopping tea off my screen, too funny!

naddin said...

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