February 17, 2009

You Say Funk Like its a Bad Thing?!

So I've hit a little patch of Bloggers Block.

The Winter is getting to me. I thought this past weekend in VT would be a nice break, but I had a hard time being up there since it was the first visit since Paul's funeral. They did end up naming a meal after him at my favorite restaurant up there, so it was comforting to have 'Pauls Favorite Chicken Alfredo' even though it was eaten with a couple of tears.

But its not fair to you to publish half hearted posts so I'm taking a little break.

No worries, I've already cleared my schedule next Sunday for OSCAR fun day! Gus said as long as I order Chinese Food (our Oscar tradition) he will sit down for some good ole guy (not to be confused with gay) commentary for the Red Carpet.

Here are a few things I've been up to recently via Poladroid.. thanks Katelin!!

Our very good friend Andy visited a couple of weekends ago! This was the night where Lauren and I had our infamous kareoke concert at the Hong Kong. The above pic was taken at The Border Cafe in Harvard Square, because Andy loves visiting Harvard and buying sweatshirts from there so he can wear it proudly when he goes back to Rochester...

I should have turned this pic into a B&W picture. Due to my lack of tan combined with Ali's golden bronze glow. blerg.

My hubs sexy beard. Le swoon. And yeah, apparently I love posing while sipping drinks...

Susan and I attended our first 'On Your Feet Project' Event at Brownstone bar in Back Bay. The event was hosted by OYF and Boston Cares, and proceeds went towards Friday Night Supper Program which provides nutritious, home-cooked meals to the homeless and hungry people of Boston. Lately I've been interested in getting involved with volunteer work and OYF seems like a really great group of enthusiastic people. I'm exciting to attend more events and learn more info!

Susan is so much fun!! I love catching up with her cos she's the type of gal you could talk to for hours..

Click here for more info about the On Your Feet Project.

And in the meantime, you can find me reading all your blogs, and tweeting.

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WeezerMonkey said...

Scorpion Bowls are meant to be posed with.

susan said...

Julie! You are so nice, I love catching up with you too - we need to go get margs again.

Sarah said...

It's not your fault, twitter kills the blog. It's a known fact.

Can't wait to have you back.

Katelin said...

aw what fun pictures. and i cannot wait for the oscars, cannot wait! eeeee!

willikat said...

I'm totally in the same spot.

Brandy said...

Have I told you lately you are the prettiest thing? Because you are.

(And I'm pumped for the Oscars. Actually, I'm pumped for the clothes, but let's pretend I'm caring about the awards)

R said...

I've been wanting to get involved with volunteer work too. I'm glad someone is actually doing it because I'm slacking.

I hope Gus has some great observations like last year for the Oscars. Good stuff.

amandabtv said...

Aw, I'm going to miss the Boston blogger meet-ups :(

And I really need to try this Polaroid thing. You and Katelin's pictures are so cool!

Maxie said...

Everyone needs a little break every once and a while.

I also spy a scorpion bowl in there! yum, it's my favorite drink!

emrlds said...

this post just made me thirsty. don't judge if anyone finds me at border cafe by 3pm, haha.