March 27, 2009

A Closer Look

  • petsugar asks if you dog stops and smells the flowers. my dogs are too busy searching for thrown out pieces of pizza that they think are lying around in the dog park. but i do notice that rocco has tried stepping on every single pretty little flower that's popped up in our front yard. but smelling? not so much.
  • tv lovers: Ausiello from gives some juicy spoiler alerts on all the good shows. FYI.. his twitter is here
  • wow, I might be a newbie invitation designer, but I totally could have come up with something more fabulous than what gis and tom chose! is that Times New Roman font?
  • if you stare really close in this picture, you can see a starbucks and a jamba juice by the 4th tree on the left in this rare photo of manhattan 15 years ago....
  • And this Real Simple emailed quote I've kept bookmarked for a while now. I'd like to share it.
Enjoy your weekend!

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notyourplainjane said...

My dog smells, poop, leftovers!

I love the real simple quote. I needed that this morning!

Miss Musing said...

My dogs are too busy sniffing out food to stop and smell the flowers!

I wasn't impressed with those invitations either :)

Katelin said...

i love that quote. and i love real simple. great way to start the weekend! :)

Sarah said...

I think you meant 150 years, not 15?? LOL

Julie Q said...

LOL. i meant 15. that's what the world looked like to me before the internet was popular.

LiLu said...

I'm just jealous that you HAVE a pup :-)

Happy weekend!