March 8, 2009

IPA Headaches and Alien Sightings

note: when going to a delicious beer festival, don't always go for the rich glass of IPA beer every.single. time. because you'll find yourself having the worst headache EVER the next day
I'm glad we got there early, because by 8:30pm, you couldn't even move inside the tent it was so packed, which means it was time for us to peace out..My Fly Gal, Ali, was in attendance as wellMe and some coworker buddies! With a quick stop at CVS, I grabbed the Shamrock Headband and my friend opted for the Shamrock Tiara. Which unfortunately this picture doesn't do it justice because it was totally blinking.When I was walking back from the bathroom, a group of guys yelled 'Hey Alien girl, come over here!' so I walked over to correct them.. I was not just an alien, I was an Irish Alien.. there's a difference.

there's a difference

ps. pretty sure I did a dumb pose for the Harpoon Brewery website, and then I remember signing a form, so yeah, can't wait to see what ends up being put up there!

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emrlds said...

i love that you were totally decked out in irish attire! glad that you had fun, i'm still totally bummed i was out of town and missed this. i'm an awful drunk, missing out. haha

susan said...

You'll have to link that page on your blog if you are posted on their site.

Glad you had a good time :)

WeezerMonkey said...

I heart the shamrock headband.

nicoleantoinette said...

You do so many fun things that have me yelling "TAKE ME WITH YOU!"

Beer festival included.

Katelin said...

aw that looks like so much fun. love your shamrock headband, haha. so festive

Larissa said...

You're too cute! This post makes me excited for St. Patrick's Day.