March 25, 2009

Its like you've never heard of smiling with your eyes??

shopping: working 30 seconds away from a downtown shopping center can be the best of times and the worst of times. within the last 3 days i've managed to pick up some killer items.One being this dress [above]i've been drooling over in magazines and blogs. Stopped by White House Black Market and saw that they recently got one shipped in. Granted it was a size larger, i tried it on anyways. My boobs did not fit in it whatsoever, but i'm getting that sucker taken in and rocking it to SOMETHING!
And then this summer work dress from J.Crew. I was going to come back and wait for it to be on sale, but I figured they wouldn't have my size (the karma of being frugal)

The other buys were impulse two H&M dresses. And it even included a set of leggings. I know, I'm just as shocked as you are! I've never worn leggings before. I didn't think I was hip enough for them with a shirt-dress, but we shall see.

I do's: i received this pretty little card in the mail. it was blank inside so i dont know who its for, but my answer is YES! just kidding. its for L's upcoming nuptials with such a sweet note inside and I couldn't be more excited! Plus E's wedding (and events leading up to it) is right around the corner in June and the very pretty dress zips all the way up! Which only means I have to tone up the arms and lose some strapless dress back fat = impossible unless you lose regular weight.. blerg

weather: the winter funk is starting to disappear! I almost want to start blogging regularly again.. but baby steps. While there is no snow storm in sight, Boston always has a way of surprising you like that.

work: busy busy busy and I'm heading out to Toronto next week for business. and i'm excited about the sweet hotel i'm staying at right near the water. Looking forward to exploring the city! I've been there before for a long weekend during college. Hope they don't plan on getting any snow.

What are you smiling about these days???

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Susan said...

I love those dresses, I need to get over to Cambridgeside! The thought of being able to walk around in warm weather makes me smile.

Maxie said...

That first dress is stunning!

Jackie said...

We are going to be dress twins because I HAVE to have it too! It is sooo beautiful!

Jackie said...

OMG it is already unavailable online. You are so lucky to have snagged one!

Julie Q said...

i know! which is why i had to settle for the next size up.. i just had to have it!!! i think they might bring it back or a very similar style though cos the lady said everyones been asking about it. i will keep you posted (since i practical stop by it every day during my lunch break)

emrlds said...

love it! i can't wait for new job wardrobe shopping!! =)

nicoleantoinette said...

I bought two long dresses at Old Navy the other day and was 1. so excited to see them back in fashion and 2. almost having a nervous breakdown with excitement about summer.

naturally nina said...

I love that first dress. Make sure to post pictures of you in it! (so I can live vicariously through you.)

Sarah said...

I love the black dress, and I love H & M. So fun.

Glad to hear the weather is improving. It's really nice out here, but the allergies that come with Spring are distracting from how nice it is :-/

LiLu said...

Love the dresses!

B makes fun of me for watching ANTM and always tells me I'm not "smiling with my eyes." Asshat. Tyra is a crazy bitch, but she sure is entertaining.

Katelin said...

okay i want both of your dresses like now please! so cute!

and that bridesmaid card is adorable. love it.

Yummy Mummy said...

i love it all!! You make me smile Mrs. Julie Q.