April 22, 2009

Happy Earth McGirth Day!

April 22nd is Earth Day. Earth Day.... and my fabulous friend Erica's Birthday!

And since Lexie is a rescue dog with not specific age (guestimate = 2 yrs) I shall name it her birthday as well! Just kidding, we gave named Thanksgiving as her b-day last year. She was stoked.

I'm not the best role model for being a good recycler. Gus is constantly grabbing bottles I throw into the trash and moving them into the recycling bin. that sounds like its whiskey bottles or something! its really water bottles and diet coke cans... and Trader Joe bottles of Sauvignon blanc.

Matt Lauer called me at 7am this morning (as he does every day) to tell me some easy Green Tips that even I could manage. And by that I mean I watched the Today Show.

Saw a few tips that seems pretty managable and wanted to share.

Read your magazines online. I should totally do this. I'm a loser when it comes to magazine subscriptions, and I even started a 'trashy tabloid magazine club' at work where we can swap Stars and Us Weeklys and OK! Magazines (book clubbin' like whattttt) Its hard to pay for magazines online though- because usually I'd just go to the mag's home page and read a few articles for free. But still- I think Zinio Digital is a neat idea and hopefully it will save some paper.

Shave with just 7 drops. Does your significant other waste a lot of water while shaving?? I get so annoyed when I hear the water pouring down in the sink for up to 10 minutes!! I've even said- can you turn the water off? But it comes across too whiny so that never actually works. Apparently you can buy this Pacific Shaving Oil for $6.99

fierce organic clothing? eh. not so much.. this is still a work in progress

Eco Friendly Fashion. Target is coming out with an eco friendly line called Loom-state. Banana and J.Crew need to jump on that- because while all the super fashion lines featured these days as green and great- its not really my style, and in order to kick global warming's arse- you gotta love your getup. Why do I have a hunch that organic clothing means more expensive- when it should mean the opposite in theory!

Green tip for Matt? Wear less clothes so you don't waste water washing them! duh.

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WeezerMonkey said...

April 22 is Papa Monkey's birthday, too!

Susan said...

I am looking into that Pacific Shaving Oil- it seems pretty reasonably priced too.

Michelle and the City said...

wear less clothing huh? maybe i should go naked for earth day? hahaha

April Elizabeth said...

I am so guilty of the magazine thing. Its something about leafing through the pages. Ive gotta work on that.

The Dutchess of Kickball said...

My bf shaves in the shower. How is that for saving water!

Virginia said...

Hmm I can think of a few other guys who could wear less clothes in honor of Earth Day, brilliant idea.

I'm also guilty of too many magazine subscriptions. At least I try to read all the used gossip mags at the gym instead of buying them myself...though I can't let myself start thinking of who else's sweaty hands have leafed through them. Ugh.

Katelin said...

haha i love your tip to matt, such a smart one :)

i've been using reusable bags when i grocery shop and recycling, those are my big green contributions. woo.

LiLu said...

At least if you're swapping the mags you're buying less, right?


emrlds said...

matt must have called you right before our daily call. he's so good like that.
i should read mags online - especially since i have a huge stack of ones i've yet to read on my floor. oy.

Perfect Shave said...

I have my share of being Earth-friendly by going green. I started wet shaving like 10 years ago and since then, I never looked back. I use a shaving oil, shaving cream and shaving soap depending on my mood. Some of my friends envy me because I am one of those few lucky guys who can use any shaving preparations.