April 6, 2009

So Hip it Hurts

Fact: Toronto rocks. I stayed at the Sheraton Centre Downtown and had a sweet view of the city (and a glimpse of the lake)
Fact: Small Planes are scary.

Fact: The CN Tower lights up at night with a Disney-esque neon purple light show

Fact: So Hip It Hurts would be an excellent Blog Name.

Fact: I forgot I was in another country until I overheard a bunch of Europeans at the next table over bashing the US. How rude!

Fact: Toronto is booming! Loads of construction is going on everywhere.

Fact: Toronto is the city of chilling out on a restaurant patio and people watching. I swear the blueprints of the city were inspired by this.

Fact: You get a great night sleep when you don't have two dogs jumping up on the bed in the middle of the night.

Fact: Today Show graces Torontonians as well! Best news ever (no pun intended)

Fact: Toronto has an underground 'tunnel' called the path; connected to the buildings in the financial district. When I first heard about this 'path' I pictured a dark small dirty tunnel. When I finally saw it, what a vision! Its basically a bright luxurious mall underneath your office. Plus in the winter- you don't have to go outside ever! How is this not available in Boston??????

Fact: I pretty much paparazzi stalked this passerbyer in the Path. I was kind of jogging behind him which is why the pic came out fuzzy. Let's just say he was wearing a Burberry Hat, Burberry Yoga Mat on his back, and carrying a Louis Vuitton purse. This was a man.

Fact: I saw Dan Akroyd at Nota Bene Restaurant and ordered this delicous drink above called the Soda Jerk at Bymark Restaurant (that was a Sour Candy served with the drink).

And I felt so hip it hurt.

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WeezerMonkey said...


Susie said...

I freaking loveee Toronto!!

And So Hip it Hurts would make an awesome blog name. Seriously.

Also, I want that drink. Bad.

Laurie said...

This post is fabulous, bravo!

Toronto is pretty darn cool - I want a tunnel like that in Chicago.

rialeilani said...

we are planning a trip to Toronto, did you need your passport?

Julie Q said...

Hi rialeilani, thanks for stopping by! Yes- you need a passport for Toronto. I just checked out your blog and noticed you go on a lot of fun trips! Good luck with your Toronto planning :)

emrlds said...

aaaand i'm thirsty. thanks. =)
glad you had a great trip!

The Missus said...

Thanks for posting the pictures! I am moving to Toronto in a month and a half... And I can NOT WAIT!

As soon as my husband (who grew up in Toronto) told me about the underground mall, I was hooked. It is a fab city!

The Dutchess of Kickball said...

You have made me want to go there so bad now. I think I'll wait till summer when going north is a nice break from summer's heat though.

Pandesaldreamer said...

You are absolutely, right! That would be an awesome blog name. Great Toronto update. Love it!

btw, I think that Black and White dress you bought is sooooooo cute!! Wish I knew about it earlier before my Hawaii trip.

Miss Musing said...

It sounds like you had a great trip!

Classy in Philadelphia said...

You should do PR for cities because you seriously just made me want to visit Toronto, a place I'd never considered visiting before.

Looks like you had a great time!!

I would love to have that mall in Philly underneath all of the offices!

Yummy Mummy said...

You are so Hip!!!!! Looks like a great trip!


Katelin said...

so hip it hurts really does sound like a great blog name, haha. and um that burberyy man, wow. just a little much.

Elizabeth said...

I have always wanted to go there!

Munich has an underground passage that connects all the shopping with the train stations. It's intensely amazing!

nicoleantoinette said...

Ah, haha I do that too! See/read things and think "that would be such a good blog name!"

I should start writing them down and selling them.

LiLu said...

I've never been to Toronto, but now that one of my besties lives there, I'm trying desperately to visit! I've heard the Pride Parade in the summer is A-Maz-Ing...