April 11, 2009

US Weekly Pulitzer Prize Reporting this week..

So if you follow me on twitter, you might have seen my 4am tweet about waking up at the ass crack of dawn after some white wine the night before. Boo to that.

In my state of delirium, I decided to read my US Weekly that arrived on Friday. First of all, I thought I was still buzzed looking at the cover. But it wasn't a cover, it was an 'ad' for Drew Barrymore's new HBO movie coming up. Way to freak me out and think i'm in the 1950's, wondering how I got ahold of a Glossy Magazine (yeah.. lack of sleep will do that to a JQ)

The next page, aka real cover, showed a sad Lindsay Lohan, that reminded me a lot of like the Carrie Bradshaw-Single? in the City-catastrophy. I'm a weirdo when I read US Weekly- becaues I almost NEVER read the cover story. There are only a few topics that I'll read about- and that usually only has to do with Jessica Simpson, Heidi and Spencer, Biggest Loser Before and Afters, or Jennifer Love Hewitt. Who knows why!

Anyhoo- so I decided to dive into the US LLO cover story, and I'm not going to lie- its the most riviting article in a trashy tabloid magazine that I have. ever. read. I'm telling you- pick it up in the grocery store next time you're waiting in line- because snippits of the article won't do it justice. Such as:

-someone hacked into her twitter account when she broke up with SamRon

-the ronsons are supposedly a cult out to get her (i now heart the ronson siblings btw)

-she's the victim, yada yada yada

-how pregnant Nicole Richie is so mean to her

She seriously is in the lowest state of loser denial one could be in. She basically just defended her self and didn't take responsibility for anything. like.. ANYTHING! And like Kathy Griffin recently said- its hard to knock a LLO when she is that down, but the fact that this was an exclusive article that she condoned and participated in- its REDONCULOUS!!!

Let me know your thoughts if you've read it. And the good news is, I fell back into a blissful sleep dreaming about a sugarless wine out there that would let me sleep late (until like 6:35am) hangover free.

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WeezerMonkey said...

I think reading your summary is enough for me. ;)

Gemini said...

I am going to pick this up now, it really does look like a good story. OH how i love me some US weekly!!

notyourplainjane said...

I can't even force myself to read the story in full. She's such a baby. Grow up, get your a$$ to work and stop pouring your heart our to US you tabloid hag!

If you were wondering how I really feel about it!

nicoleantoinette said...

I am slacking off in my US Weekly reading lately! Thank goodness for JQ.

Yummy Mummy said...

Must. Get. US Weekly. Now.

oh and red wine is the way to go!


Katelin said...

i'm with weezermonkey, i think i can pass on this story and just stick with your recap :)

Susan said...

I hate it when wine does the opposite of what it's supposed to do.