April 20, 2009

What's Crackalackin?

Some things I've been up to lately (much quicker updates have been seen via twitter as of late)

Hello Lover.

After my 2 yr old Krzer phone decided crack open leaving chards of glass sticking out of it, I realized I would need an upgrade. I've always been eyeing the iPhone since it came out- but I love love love t-mobile. I've never had a proplem with a bill, and their customer service rocks. Plus I like my fav fives. So I upgraded to the Google Phone!

I love it!!! I've never had a smart phone before... and now i can see why they call it a 'crackberry' because I can't put the G1 down.

Groupon Bananza

I believe Groupon is available in NYC, Boston and Chicago. I used to think all of my online shopping sample sale emails brightened up my mornings in the office- but Groupon totally trumps those. Every day they have a new deal that lasts for 24 hours. If they hit their goal of a certain # of people signing up for the deal, its good to go and you get the coupon emailed to you the next day. So far, I've bought Teeth Whitening ($600 value) for $185 (note: bought two of those so me and the hubs can have hollywood smiles) and the Dolce Vita deal for $49. That includes a cut&dry, mani&pedi, and eyebrow wax. Haven't used it yet, but will probably skip the haircut because I'm not ready to stray away from my current stylist. Sign up for the emails if you are in any of those 3 cities!!

Habachi Surprise!

The hubs had a birthday last week and I was set on surprising him. For the past 3 years he's had one request: Habachi with friends. Not sure why I hadn't acted on that before (oh, i know why, I don't really like that food- lol) but came up with an elaborate plan to trick him into thinking we were going to somewhere else for dinner. When I tried to change venues 'last minute' he had a grin on his face thinking he figured it out- but when we pulled into Fuji Steakhouse's parking lot- he didn't recognize any of the cars. Our friends were smart and parked a block away- and he was shocked to see people sitting at one of the booths where the guy comes out and cooks the food right in front of you. Note: I learned that fried rice starts out as white rice. craziness.

Wicked awesome game

Work hooked me up with a set of tickets for the Red Sox v. Orioles game on Saturday night, so hubs and I set out for a night at Fenway. The tix were in the seats with a server so that was a treat. Thought it'd be a lot warmer since the day before it was 70degrees, but unfortunately we were freezing by the 7th inning. Sox won! Forget the score though. whoops :) Note: when we were at Game On before the game, they had the Yankees game playing, since they were losing 20-2 or something like that. That's all I'm saying about that..

Its still a little too cold out for comfort!!! 70 degree weather needs to get. here. soon.

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WeezerMonkey said...

I'm pretty much flabbergasted that you didn't know fried rice starts out as white rice.

Your Taiwanese friend is shaking her head at you. ;)

Yay for a Sox win! I really love Fenway. It is so much better than Dodger stadium.

But at least we have Manny.

Sarah said...

The rice comment had me laughing for a good 5 minutes. WHAT?!?!?! You are hilarious.

p.s. Twitter is a blog killer. Just sayin...

Katelin said...

aw props for the birthday party surprise. i'm currently trying to plan a surprise party for matt the week after mine and man it's not easy, haha.

Jackie said...

I love that scarf you are wearing!

emrlds said...

i'm still obsessed with your scarf. and that view from fenway-i sat up there last year, amazing. i was in a box though.
groupon = love.

Gemini said...

You two are adorable!!! Go Sox!

Susan said...

Great gift! I have to come up with something for my guy next week.

And I LOVE Groupon.

Michelle and the City said...

i am so damn jealous of your phone!
also, saw your tweets about the surprise, glad to see the pictures and that it went over so well. yay! :)

Violet said...

I got the G1 a few months ago. I LOVE it too! It's the little palm sized laptop i've always wanted.

Congrats on pulling off a good surprise party.