May 20, 2009


  • proud and super excited that my friend Lauren is contributing to a fabulous purse line! She and her aunt, Connie, have launched Couture Planet, and we attended the Obama Collection launch at The Fairmont Copley Plaza in Boston. The collection looked so nice, and they even served gourmet french chocolates with sea salt sprinkled on them. You have not lived life until you try one of these chocolates.....Couture Planet is a very cool concept because each bag is made in Massachusetts from recycled newspapers, many coming directly from guestrooms in the hotel. Here are some pix from the event..
Plus they are on Etsy and twitter!
  • ACHING! Went to BodyScapes to cash in on 1 of 3 personal training sessions thanks to the superawesome GrouponBoston deal! Let's just say there it hurts to type. But yeah, it was almost FUN to workout! My completely out of shape body needed a good beating. I figured I'd finally have feeling back in my thighs after all the lunges in one week- so i made my next appt for then.
  • Counting down the days til my birthday weekend in July. The lovely hubs told me to pick a place anywhere for a weekend away, and I chose my favorite city in that I've never been: Charleston, South Carolina ! Maybe because I was a Southern Belle in another life? Most likely... We picked a hotel on the water that serves Sweet Tea anytime you like, and has fresh milk and cookies served everynight on the rooftop deck! (plus wine and cheese gatherings, obvi) I'm going to take a billion pix! Anyone been to Charleston?? Would love to hear about places to go!
What city [in the continental US] would you pick for a birthday weekend celebration?

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linabeau said...

that's yesterday's news.
(i crack myself up.)

what a cute idea. i wonder if she would make me a clutch out of the obama is president globe ive been saving?

thanks for not inviting me to the fun party.

Katelin said...

oh those purses are so cute. yay to your friend!

and as for a birthday weekend i would want to go somewhere in new england, i've never been and have always wanted to visit.

and yay for SC, that should be amazing!

Loren said...

Charleston is awesome!! It is going to be hot as hades down there in July though. It sounds like from your description that you might either be staying at the French Quarter Inn (best hotel in Charleston, IMO) or the Vendue Inn (another good one). We go down there 4 or 5 times a year, so I know lots about restaurants, bars, etc. if you have any questions.

Julie Q said...

caroline- we can discuss yesterdays news during our preparty pub crawl on friday :)

katelin- brownie points for your destination being New England. Might I suggest a place that rhymes with Austin, Massachusetts???? Rocco and Lexie would gladly share a couch with you!

Loren- yes!!!! I'd love to hear about some bars and fun things to do in my new favorite place ever. send me an email to jqlounge at gmail dot com.

Susan said...

Those purses are so cute and I agree, groupon is the best.

I'm a July birthday too! And where I would go is a hard question, I will have to think about that one.

Gemini said...

Darn those are such cute purses!!!

Maxie said...

probably morgantown, wv. It feels like home and there are about 50 kagillion bars to choose from.

LiLu said...

I was JUST in Charleston to visit my bestie! They took us to a bunch of lovely places- you should definitely ask her for some advice, she'd love to help (and maybe meet y'all for a beer on the water if you'd like!) She's my best friend in the world so tell her I sent you ;-)