May 12, 2009

Must love dogs

I dont know which bitches I'm more excited about... Simon and Alex, or all the dogs featured on the amazing wallpaper behind them. How do I get this in my house?!?! I even love the colors! gaaaahhhhh.

fyi. Simon and Alex did a complete 180 in my book this season. They were actually enjoyable to watch and I might even buy their parenting book someday! Alright, that last statement was a lie. But I do love how all the Housewives are coming out with books. But Jills is the only one I'd buy. Anyone read Bethanny or Luanne's pulitzer prize winners yet? REUNION SHOW TONITE!!

Plus debut of what i'm thinking could be the best state YET in the series (new jersey). US Weekly gave it a shiteous review, but EW thinks its going to be a winner! klasdfjlkasdfljkadsfjlkafds

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Update on CLEANSE: thanks for the good wishes yesterday! fortunately there IS eating involved! basically 7 out of the 11 days I have a shake for breakfast, 400-600 calorie lunch, shake for dinner and about 10 glasses of water and at least 20 minutes of exercise. (yeah, i know- sounds JUST like ultra slim fast) lol. The other 4 days are the 'non food days' where you just drink this 'hope it takes like vitamin water or else i'm drinking it in shot glasses' juice.

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The Northerner said...

I cannot WAIT for NJ. It is going to be so awesomely bad!!

emrlds said...

um, best wallpaper, ever. i love it!
i can't wait for nj housewives - officially the best way to spend a saturday morning. screw the newspaper, it's bravo and coffee for me!
g'luck on the cleanse!

Maxie said...

I think NJ is going to be SO ridiculous--but in my book that's a good thing.

Gemini said...

Damn! No more cable due to the divorce. Must get DVD. Loved that show. Trashy goodness. Your blog does keep me informed though. Smooches!