May 31, 2009

My Pearly Whites bring all the dogs to the yard.

Cashed in this weekend on my super duper Boston Groupon Deal I had purchased a month or two back. Teeth Whitening @ Brite Smile for $185 (normally a $600 value). My teeth are already an okay shade of white to begin with, but I really wanted to go for that WOW you're teeth are white you must be a supermodel factor.

Made my appointment for a Saturday. They scheduled me for 11am and asked that I keep in mind I'm supposed to stick to an all white diet for the next 24 hours after the procedure. Hmmmm all white diet. Mashed potatoes, White Wine, Bread, Cheese, Chicken Salad, you catch my drift....

The people who worked there were really nice, and after an awkward 1 hour of my mouth filled with cotton balls and crazy mouth pieces, voila! My teeth were 5 shades whiter.

I caved when I was leaving and bought the $80 teeth whitener pencils (they say it goes on just like lip gloss for your teeth) and the $20.00 whitener tooth paste.. hubs just about had a heart attack when I walked out with a tiny little white bag filled with $103 full of teeth whitening ridiculousness.

So here it is, the big reveal!!!

yeah, its hard to take a picture showing both top and bottom teethies!!! JQ Public Service Announcement: if your a kid wear your headgear at night if you have to! I would pretend to have it on and then throw it under my pillow, cos c'mon who wants to wake up with drool pool around their face. This advice goes for retainers too! I went from looking like Topanga to Jewel in about 2 weeks of not keeping up with the retainer.

I'd probably never pay $600 for this ever- but i'm very glad I tried it. And my mom, hubs, and bride-to-be Erica jumped on the Groupon Teeth Whitening bandwagon too so they'll be getting it done soon as well!

SO now I want to know is, when is Groupon going to be offering a Boob Job deal?!?!??? I kid I kid, its hard enough playing tennis with the ones I got now (and yeah- that was a Real Housewives of New Jersey shout out to those who [I know] are loving this season as much as I am!)

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emrlds said...

i love groupons and real housewives. =) and this sweet new background! looking lovely here in the lounge. (hi, my name is emrlds and i can use alliteration.)

We Are Not Martha said...

Ahhh you're the best. I love this!!! And your teeth look fabulous! As does your new layout :)


weezermonkey said...

Cute new teeth and banner!

Jamie Lovely said...

Loving the new look and I really want to get my teeth whitened!

Gemini said...

LOVE IT! Can you ship some whitening tooth gloss to mee pleeeeze!

Pandesaldreamer said...

Love the new pearly whites! I've been wanting to do something about my coffee stained + non eating white food teeth too, lately.

Btw, I loooove the New Jersey housewives. At times, they scare me, especially Caroline ( I think that's her name. .. Dina's sister??). But, I can't get enough of them.

Julie Q said...

Emrlds- can't wait for NJ HW's this tuesday. that ep looks ridiculously awesome

Sues- I called the Groupon Hotline. I'm addicted to saving & spending all in one.

Weemo- thanks! i got inspired by your new banner and wanted a change. plus i figured it might make me want to start blogging again

Jamie- you are another blog who recently changed your layout around! Its kind of like spring cleaning (even though my old layout had been like that for much more than a year)

Gemini- just dropped one in the mail :) i think she sold me as soon as she used the 'lipgloss' analogy

Pandesaldreamer- ahh i know! I ordered an ice coffee this morning and felt guilty for the first time ever. I'm going to try and back off the dark food. (big step is Diet Coke which will be torture!)

They even said I couldn't use lipstick for 24 hours. that was probably the toughest out of all of them.

brookem said...

im digging the new look here! :)
your teethies look good! can you notice a big difference?

Katelin said...

oh very nice. i may have to look into some teeth whitening before my wedding next year, gotta sparkle those teeth.

Julie Q said...

brookem- yes! but it could also be the placebo effect. lol

Katelin- hopefully groupon LA will be sporting a similar deal before your nuptuals :)

Ali said...

are you still eating all white things? omg i would eat vanilla ice cream and white bread for breakfast, lunch and dinner :) pisaaa

Julie Q said...

Ali- yes, it was quite a happy trip to Whole Foods when I went straight for the fresh bread and chicken salad. lol. I didn't go for the icecream though cos your teeth are kinda sensitive after so it would've made for the worst icecream toothache..ever

Yummy Mummy said...

Ohhhh they look great!!! I'm so bummed I missed the boat on this one! Love the new background too!