May 10, 2009


You ever notice when you look through your digi pix and you rarely see a picture of yourself? Alright, to give the hubs credit, I usually delete most of them if he randomly asks to get one of me, but STILL.

Photographer Kevin Trageser took a picture of his girlfriend every day for one year. Boo to women who look stunningly gorgeous when they don't have any makeup on. And by that I mean.. jealous.

Something about clicking through all these pictures makes me think of Eternal Sunshine.. sweet and intimate.

[via A Cup of Jo]

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WeezerMonkey said...

The other day, my friend was telling me that her friend (to whom my friend had sent my blog link) kept referring to WeezerMonkey as "he."

Finally, my friend asked her friend, "Why do you keep calling WeezerMonkey 'he'? WeezerMonkey is a girl!"

Her friend thought I was a guy because my blog always has pictures of guys (i.e., Mr. Mo and BroMo) on it.

And that is my useless story of the day.

Julie Q said...

LOL that is awesome. do they not see the fabulous lady weemo pic featured on your blog?!

emrlds said...

this is an amazing project, i love it! one day i'll look that good at the most random moments (sans makeup) and do this. ooor, you know, not.