May 25, 2009

Why do haters h8 Jon & Kate?!

I was one of those who had never really watched Jon & Kate Plus 8 and all of a sudden started seeing them EVERYWHERE in the last month. US Weekly (3 Covers) Star (2 Covers), Today Show, Access Hollywood,, you name it, there was Jon & Kate and that goofy haircut.

Apparently they had a marathon gearing up for the new season that debuts tonite. Ughh, enough already! But then it happened.

I watched an episode.

And I think I had the epiphany that many 'Twilight' fans had when reading about Edward. (which I have still yet to do even though I frickin LOVE HBO's Trueblood)

I was in love with the Gosselins.

Even Hubs was smitten with show! He didn't storm out of the room like he usually does when 'Real Housewives' or 'The Bachelorette' appears on the screen. He sat there and smiled and laugh everytime one of the little kids said something ridiculous and cute.

Every single one of those kids are adorable, and I even like Maddie who's dubbed the brat of the house. They say the darnest things! And while watching more eps then I'd like to admit in 3 days- you got to see in the relationship of Jon and Kate. While the magazines call her a monster- and she does come across as a little psycho when she snaps at Jon, she's just a little OCD and trying to take care of 8 kids.

How is Octomom allowed to have 14 children? Jon and Kate have their shit together (as parents if not as a married couple) and it is a process just feeding your littles ones breakfast in the morning. How the heck is Octomom handling it? Kate may be strict and hardcore- but Octomom is just bonkers and doesn't even have a good head on her shoulder. Sorry it just baffled me while watching this show and how they do everything.

I hope the tabloids lay off Jon and Kate, because after watching the show- there is a whole lotta love in that (new 1.5 million dollar courtesy of TLC) household.

Unfortunately its what you get when you put your life out there for Reality TV, but I'm glad they do because Alexis Joel and Aedan (along with the rest of them obvi) put a big smile on my face.

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emrlds said...

ok so i need to rewatch last night because i only caught 30ish minutes but OH MY GOD, those kids. little alexis asking jon to stop leaving? heartbreaking. aaden is my favorite though. but really, such a sad episode.

Jacklyn said...

so how did u find isogenix ? and how much does it cost? I dont really need to lose that much weight - I'm at a pretty healthy weight for my height - but I'd like to try some kind of cleansing thing.. i looked at the website and was just confused!

Katelin said...

well said. i absolutely love those kids, they are adorable. and i felt my heart melting just a little bit every time they said something.