June 17, 2009

Adventures in Online Sample Sales

Hubs: Hello?

JQ: Hey! Grabbed tickets to OAR for August!!! I haven't seen them in forever.. plus it was no ticket service fee day. double score!

Hubs: Sweet, lets pick out some Birkenstocks before we go!

JQ: Why.. did my Ruelala Package come yet????!

[totally ordered a pair off Ruelala last week due to a random click of the mouse after remembering how comfy the pair I rocked back in 7th grade was.]

Hubs: Wait.. what?

[yeah, he still thinks i'm joking]


Later on that evening...

Reading email out loud from ruelala with the MacBook while watching House Hunters.

JQ: 'We are sorry to have to tell you that the merchandise listed below has become unavailable... OH NO! Not my Tory Bombe Burch tote?!?!?!! Ohhhhh YAY, its NOT that.. it was the Missoni tank top. Hmmmmm.. i had forgot about that one. Hey at least my card isn't getting charged for it.

Hubs: Why, how much was it?

JQ: (thinking- well its not getting charged to my card so why not just tell him) $149

Hubs: For a tank top?

And as smart and lovely as he is, he drops it and goes back to reading espn.com.....

--email me if you'd like a ruelala invite. just in time for the gucci sale that starts 11am on Thursday. oooolala!--

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emrlds said...

i do love our shopping while gchatting adventures. i've got a $10 credit burning a hole in my ruelala wallet right now, so stressful!

brookem said...

see you at the concert!

...off to rulala now again...for the second time today...

Yummy Mummy said...

Oh, my husband and my wallet completely sympathize with you!!! I LOVE ME SOME ONLINE SAMPLE SALES!


Susan said...

I have been wondering what all this ruelala was all about!

Katelin said...

haha i was more excited for you to see OAR than the shopping spree. i do heart them :)

Julie Q said...

emrlds: so jealous the people you invited to ruelala bought something!! i want a $10 credit :( wwwhhaaahh

brookem: i almost choked when I saw the Gucci Sale. The bags were like $1900!!!!!!! redonculous

YM: I still have yet to take the plunge and buy something on GILT! That's YM territory :)

Susan: don't do it!!!!!!!!!! its a downward spiral of anxiety purchasing because it'll say 'only 1 item left' and you must have it. jk, can't beat the rush

Katelin: did I mention I'm going to a twilight festival before the concert with my friend joshua jackson? :) :) :) now that's your kind of night

Miss Gallery Place said...

you've got my email ;) send one my way ;)

btw, you are much braver than i. I didn't even tell adam about a $13 sweater that i ordered from target :X

Karen said...

I love seeing what boutiques are coming up next! Very excited for Monday and Alice & Olivia. Also, wasn't it really funny that the Tory Burch boutique crashed their site?!! By the time I remembered it again, everything good was gone ... glad you got your hands on something!

Julie Q said...

Miss Gallery Place: sent and sent :)

Karen: believe me, it was cut throat for a hot minute when i was waiting for my TB order to be processed. usually it takes 5 seconds, but it literally took 5 minutes and i was waiting for an 'oooops! sorry that purse is no longer available' in which bank acct would've been happy but laptop would've been thrown out the window :)